Wisdom of Christ

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The wisdom of Christ holds everything together, including the paradox of time and the timeless.  Christ is divine-human, so his wisdom is uncreated yet also created, curing confusion whilst healing division.  Gathering what was scattered, wisdom discerns the glory of grace, integrating apparently exclusive opposites.  The story is dialectical when it discerns the unfolding of divine-human coherence in time, but paradoxical when it discerns timeless enfolding.  Dialectic rather than paradox claims the last word, contested by paradox, Christ’s wisdom of aporetic stillness transcending yet including both.   As wisdom, Christ cuts through clever, rational dialectic, leaping over its philosophical syntheses that try to silence paradox.  On the other hand, wisdom does not let paradox disintegrate into dualistic division, but holds together what might otherwise fly apart.  The unfolding story is personal yet universal, existential yet Catholic, Orthodox yet liberating, glorification standing steadfast in timeless enfolding, liberating integral, aporetic wisdom to cohere in completeness.

Christ is timeless, aporetic wisdom, blessing the inclusion of integral, temporal unfolding in coherent stories of wonder that renew temporal prophecy and guarantee timeless prayer.  Wonder refuses to reduce paradox to sensible rationalism, preserving the ineffable in its stories of awe and amazement.  Wisdom is transmitted with coherent completeness when wonder holds together what paradox refuses to confuse.  Personal and mythic stories are handed on in wholesome, Catholic ways when wisdom embraces time and the timeless in healthy Orthodox completeness.  Christ is the wisdom that heals and makes whole.  Hegel’s temptation to reduce Christ’s paradoxical wisdom to a rational synthesis was contested by Kierkegaard, who saw that paradox, at its best, was not divisive separation but integral, aporetic wisdom.  The tensions of a life-time are not resolved but held together in wholesome ways when wisdom is renewed by wonder.  Prophecy is neither quenched by silence nor dissolved into empty chatter, when prayer is centred in timeless stillness.  Christ’s Name is hallowed in time, as it unveils timeless glory, regenerating glorification through purification and illumination.

Holding to Christ present in the midst, wisdom discerns timeless glory together with coherent unfolding in time.  Neither dialectic nor paradox can replace wisdom whether as vision or practice.  Both are held together in wholesome antinomy, curing confusion and healing division.  Chalcedonian wisdom holds steady, avoiding clever fusion and mindless disintegration, rational monism and irrational dualism, inspired by the aporetic wisdom that the Spirit discerns in Christ.  Personal yet universal, this ineffable co-inherence of time and the timeless holds sound differences together whilst curing disintegrative divisions, embracing what is of value in every cultural development, together with the timeless completeness of heavenly realms of wisdom and glory.  No dialectical synthesis can explain it but for wisdom, paradox does not fall apart into incoherent dualism.  The wisdom of Christ holds steady in the midst, unveiling timeless glory in time, inspiring integral, aporetic wisdom to heal temporal incompleteness with the glory of timeless completeness.