Wisdom steps back and stands steadfast

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Standing back from the incompleteness of life’s strains and stresses, wisdom turns and sees the glory of timeless freedom in the hallowed realms of union and communion.   Anxiety resists hallowing communion but dissolves when union weds time with timeless wisdom, releasing illumination into glorification.  Prophecy regenerates the imagination with new ways of telling old stories, whilst prayer of the Holy Spirit in the heart opens heavenly realms from glory to glory.  Wisdom is witness to the glory of grace renewing heaven and earth in heart and mind, liberating wonder that amazes instead of constricts awareness, by opening presence of mind in the awakened heart.  There is nothing special about wisdom, who really is quite ordinary and natural in her spontaneous simplicity.  There is nothing for pride or vainglory to grasp here, where wisdom embraces glory in the open spaces of pure awareness.  To step back is to enter into how things really are, which is where things are at home with glory, full of grace and truth.

To step back is to stand under difference with unifying union, to stand steadfast in communion without divisive separation.  It is to abide in timeless glory in the midst of temporal incompleteness.  It is to embrace what the religious mind condemns to hell and to love what shallow narrowness despises and rejects.  Turning sees what sensation and thought overlook, freeing grace to give us what God is generously sharing with us.  Self-obsessive pride thinks it is not good enough to receive grace, whereas poverty of spirit gladly welcomes the glory of grace, thriving in it rather than contriving to possess it for itself.  Wisdom steps back because striving and stressing only distance grace, which compulsively fall short of glory in countless, foolish ways.  Wisdom stands steadfast in glory, emptying vanity of vanity, releasing glory into glory.  It is never something to grasp or posses, inflating self-obsession, but restores simplicity with humble stillness.

Awareness awakens by turning the light of attention round to acknowledge the grace of uncreated light and glory, glorifying God with God’s wholehearted glorification of God.  This is to become nothing but wisdom’s Amen to the grace of the Holy Trinity.  It is to hallow the Name of glory with humble glorification.  There is nothing to grasp and nothing to twist into self-interested strain or stress, because wisdom is spontaneous, simple and complete.  Goodness shines without trace of self-righteousness.  Glory shines without trace of vanity.  Truth is the Spirit’s witness, not the spin of an inflated mind.  There is nothing we can do to save ourselves, but the Name saves and never ceases to save us, once it is truly hallowed and loved.  Religion promises consolation without transformation, but wisdom communicates transformation when the grace of illumination regenerates glorification by reversing the fall.  Gratitude gives thanks for the grace of enlightening wisdom, without whom the Name remains nominal, bereft of glorification because bereft of illumination.  The Holy Trinity reverses this inversion by restoring glorification through the grace of illumination, curing vainglory and pride.  Wisdom arises by grace, discerning the glory of grace through right-glorification.