Knowing fully Known

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Wisdom knows as she is known, no longer as in a mirror, indirectly, but directly, as the unveiled face of wisdom to the unveiled face of glory (1Cor 13:12).  Between knowing and unknowing, wisdom comes to meet us, knowing as she is known, gently weening us from thinking we know what we know, initiating unknowing that knows we only know as we are fully known.  This reflexive recognition opens remembrance to God’s unknowing that remembers God with God’s own remembrance of God, transcending knowledge.  The child knows without sophistication, the seer without sophistry, abiding where God’s unveiled face is revealed.  Praying as a child prays, in restful peace, the heart hears the Spirit’s whisper, sighing unutterable words of love, knowing as only God knows, the revelatory completeness of wisdom.  Trusting the still small voice of the Spirit, the Name is unveiled, safe from demonic delusion, because hidden in the Son’s communion with the Father.  Mothered by wisdom’s embrace, prophets, priests and kings wed wisdom in her glory, communing with her beauty in holiness, for her loveliness is dazzling.  

Knowing as she is known, the Spirit of wisdom is free of vainglory as she beholds the beauty of glory face to face.  Dazzling knowledge, the beauty of her glory is beheld by love, bearing witness to Christ her beloved as his Beloved.  Hidden with Christ in God, her witness to the glory of his love fills her with ineffable love, conjoining her to him. Stronger than death, her love reminds him of the loving mind of Christ, renewing his mind beyond all thought or imagination.  Her knowing of him is like his knowing of her, a sigh too deep for words.  She is his because he is hers, as in the Song of Songs, an unceasing embrace that opens her heavenly earth to his earthly heaven.  Conjoined with an invisible yoke of ecstatic grace, the two are one by grace as wisdom and glory, awareness and presence purified of every impurity.  Love’s ecstatic communion is joy unfathomable, inexhaustible blessing, whispered in secret between them, in the inmost silence of their hearts. 

Wisdom is loved as she is loved, known as she is known, for she is the Beloved of God in her passionate love of God.  Her passionate embrace wisely cures passions by burning away their impurity, beholding the light of his glory in the light of her beauty. Utterly loveable, she opens earth to heaven with her touch, renews creation with her kiss, regenerates vision with her gaze, restoring fallen glory to full glory with her embrace.  Knowing as she is known, wisdom is loved and known by an ecstatic unknowing, an ineffable gaze and an invisible kiss, an inaudible sigh and a mysterious embrace.  Struck dumb with awe in her glorious presence, her breath inspires him with the Spirit’s unceasing love, awakening love beyond all rational reckoning.  Who can say where her love will lead?  Who can tell what her secret unveils?  She shares her secret with whom she will, unveiling her beauty as glory to her holy lover, silencing what thought thinks it knows, communicating what love knows she knows, as love knows she is directly loved and completely known.