Bride of Christ

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The Bride of Christ is glorious in her uncreated energy, deifying all who gaze with her gaze, or return her kiss with her embrace.  She is Christ’s wisdom in her compassionate love, glorious in her hallowing beauty.  Wisdom is Christ in her, embracing her in the beauty of her glory, embracing us with her grace that glorifies his saints.  Her dazzling purity purifies our hearts, illumining us with her uncreated light, deifying us with her uncreated glory.  All that is hers is first his, then hers in him, then ours in him, because ours in her.  Her ineffable beauty is visible to wisdom just as wisdom’s insight is unveiled in the beauty of her glory.  Her loving gaze communicates the gentle intimacy of her kiss, complete in the vibrant intimacy of her embrace.  The communion of wisdom and glory is ecstatic joy, unveiling the ineffable mysteries of Christ in the Spirit, veiled expressions of the hidden heart of the Father’s unutterable love.  If she withdrew back from her embrace, we would die of deprivation and emaciation. Without the union of male and female in paradise, deification would be an emaciated abstraction, separating earth from heaven and the visible cosmos from invisible glory, creation from uncreated grace.  Her gaze is God’s uncreated energy of wisdom, her kiss his uncreated energy of glory.  The ineffable union of wisdom and glory is the uncreated energy of their embrace.

Wisdom’s embrace is more intimate than any bodily intimacy, whilst her kiss breathes the Spirit’s love conveyed by her gaze, for she is the Spirit’s dancing presence, consummating the completeness of wisdom’s communion with glory.  Her beauty does not ossify her energy into gross matter but transmutes matter from created into uncreated energy, deifying what creation manifests.  Her intimate communion is union without confusion, curing the disparate diffusions of division.  Her gaze, kiss and timeless embrace stand under all the mysteries of union that unveil the glory of grace. Indeed, as the Bride of Christ, she is his Beloved, in whose gift Christ unveils the glory of grace.  She kisses with her gaze and embraces with her kiss, deifying saints in her gardens of paradise.  Without her love, answering his love with her’s, paradise is lost among the figments of the mind, but with her kiss, realms of glory are conceived and born.  Impregnated with the seed of God’s Holy Name, the Bride of Christ mothers hosts of saints, generating hallowed elders in communion with angelic hosts.  The Bride of Christ is mother of saints because her wisdom lovingly conjoins with his glory, regenerating creation through a conjugal bond of peace.

The bond of peace is wisdom’s grace, the embrace of her kiss is wisdom’s gaze, communicating his glory through her beauty.  She does not distance those whom she loves but reveals the boundless glory of love.  Mothering saints in the womb of her holiness, she nourishes her own with her nurturing love, unveiling the Spirit’s union with Christ, who together reveal the Father’s primordial love.  Her generous openness regenerates creation anew, deifying all who delight in her.  Glorifying God, her wisdom glorifies saints, filling them with boundless love.  Hidden until wisdom awakens hearts to glory, her unceasing communion gestates union without confusion wherever she turns.  Acknowledging her, he is glorified; recognising her, saints are glorified in her, gathering in every land, culture, nation and people to bear witness to his love in her’s. Turning from separation into union, wisdom restores the glory of communion through her gaze, transfigured with her kiss and consummated by her embrace.  Her wisdom dance turns heavens of spiralling glory into spheres of wondrous beauty, dazzling her seers with uncreated light.  Her wisdom is unutterable beauty declaring the glory of love, embracing our brokenness with her gracious tenderness.  Bride of Christ and mother of saints, she dances her dance of love, whether hearts turn to see or not, but when they turn, they see, seeing as they are seen, knowing as they are loved and known.