Co-companions of the Name

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The sacred company of co-companions of the Holy Name was no ordinary company, because it indwelt the hallowing union of the Spirit in Christ that restored glory to the Father.  Co-companionship was always communion in the Spirit that opens to union with the Son in his co-communion with the Father, inhabiting the Holy Trinity from within.  The Spirit still inspires hallowing communion in the Name, unveiling wisdom that opens mysteries of glory, uncovering ineffable mercy and peace.  Co-companionship renews communion from within that renews union from without, as well as from within.  In the desert wilderness of Syria and Egypt, Cappadocia and the Hebrides, shared stillness hallowed caves and western isles with the Son’s union with the Father, awakening to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart.  The company had no name, no external identity, no principle of exclusion, because it co-communed with all, for all are called, though few turn and see God’s presence in the midst, dazzled by presence embracing presence, awake to awareness ever-present and aware.

Grounded in the glory of the Throne, wisdom still crowns seers with life-giving grace, rooting remembrance of God in recollection of his Name, God’s remembrance of his beloved in their co-remembrance of him.  Common to all who bear witness to communion, love holds all things in common for the good of all, a co-communing in common that chooses to love rather than grasp, or own what can only be owned alone.  The whole manner of love makes mankind spontaneously kind, cohering together because they inhere in love.  The thrice-holy blessing of love outweighs all measure with its weight of ineffable glory, witness to the generous fullness of divine indwelling.  Hearts indwell each other in God, who indwells them in turn, confessing mutual, reciprocal indwelling with their life’s living blood flowing with his.  Companions of wisdom are good companions of the Name, seers who see, not with the eye of divided opinion, but with the eye of an undivided heart,

Whole-eyed seeing sees a common union at the heart of communion, a common good in the midst that all may love and all may embrace.  It is this that grounds companionship in hallowing communion, in-breathing with the Spirit’s inspiration and speaking, with one voice, the one Logos of gathering coherence.  Companions of the way of Logos listen to the voice that names the Name, unveiling their common indwelling in its hidden, but shining glory.  God, without ceasing to be God, exchanges his divinity for our humanity to share his divinity with all humanity, hallowing havens of heaven amidst hollows of hell.  Hallows fill hollows with wholesome love, unveiling the beauty of holiness.  Dying each other’s life, they live each other’s death, love safe-guarding each other’s hallowing.  The cells of seers stand under each other’s glory, together extinguishing the vanity that hinders glory.  Whole-hearted seers break through confusion, rising right over division, each dying in the stead of each, all living steadfast for all, indwelling all in all.  The Name ‘I AM’ names God in all, God in each and God for all, discovering co-companionship as God’s grace of hallowing communion.