Co-companions of Glory

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Co-companions of glory hallow the Holy Name of God in the midst, acknowledging the love that unites them at centre, in-breathed with the Spirit’s kiss, whose joy is to reveal the Son’s union with the Father, restoring fallen glory to God in Holy Trinity.  Bearing each other’s burdens, both die daily into each other’s lives, transforming confusion into union, division into communion.  Companionable interfusion cures confusion and heals division in Christ, opening their humanity to divinity in the Spirit, in the image of God’s opening of his divinity to their humanity.   For God the Son is the co-companion of all in his love of the Beloved Disciple, whose songs of Co-inherence inspire the whole company of angels and saints.  Her Odes of Peace  were always remembered in her holy company, though forgotten for centuries in both east and west, except among a few Syrian and Coptic companions.  The voice of glory taught wisdom to saints whenever there were eyes to see or hearts to hear, un-fallen and unfailing in Name-hallowing realms.  Companions of glory co-operate with grace in their dance of love, completing the Song of Songs with psalms of Great Peace.

Glory is the uncreated energy that rises with illumination and carries it forward into glorification, without which there would be no vision of completeness among the children of temporal incompleteness.  Prophecy imagines what prayer beholds with dazzling, imageless clarity, the unimaginable glory that rises from uncreated light into mediating realms of  uncreated glory.  Wisdom is immediate in her communion with glory, but mediates between timeless glory and time to embrace temporal incompleteness with a kiss of peace.  Her beauty is truly holy as her love inspires hope, wooing love-trusting faith in ways that cure fear.  Avoiding dissipating chatter, they embrace in silence, aware of the gaze of glory.  Lover and Beloved, holder and held, in solitude without separation, each abides in the other in the rose garden, nourished by the timeless fruits of the tree of life, conjoining to rise to wed God in heavenly realms.  The prophet of prayer waits patiently for the word of the Word to name the Name, otherwise listens in silence for the Name to name them both, crowned and enthroned, hidden with Christ in God.

Co-companions of glory do not let their minds reify what their hearts know, but watch and wait for the Bridegroom’s coming, ready for the Bride’s wedding with the Groom that, at Cana, never spoke their names, lest the wedding was misconstrued.  Their trifold unfolding is a trifold enfolding, embracing height and depth, width and breadth, love’s co-inhering embrace in the gaze and kiss of peace.  The God-bearing light of love answers the first Grail question, the God-bearing glory of love the second, both icons that creatively imagine the unimaginable light of love’s glory, for the Grail is love’s chalice, relic of the last supper, the empty receptacle of love’s body and blood of eternal life.  The Grail is never found unless it finds the finder to be an empty chalice, ready to be spiritually fed and filled by love.  Peace needs no image to be peace but abides in the imageless peace of reciprocated love.  But prophecy speaks in images to sustain imageless prayer, embracing the gaze of the kiss of peace.  Companions of love’s glory remind companions of peace to turn and see the Name save, never forgetting that love’s unfolding is love enfolded in the stillness of the hallowed Name.   Who serves the Grail?  Enlightening love knows who serves the Grail and sings.  Whom does the Grail serve?   Glorifying love knows whom the Grail serves, but none usurp light or glory, once the Name is wondrously hallowed and unknowingly known by love.