Holy Grail

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The Holy Grail is the parousia of Christ’s uncreated presence hidden in the midst of creation, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the parousia of presence that Christ’s Holy Name reveals, Jesus, Yah Shuah  ‘I AM saves’.  The second coming of Christ is the Grail of eschatological presence that is found when Eucharistic union is unveiled, the Name is hallowed, when the Kingdom of glory is revealed, when the will of heaven is done on earth as it is done in heaven.  The Holy Grail is parousia presence, present in each and all centres of personal presence, reflected in each as it is reflected in all, the invisible ‘Co-inherence’ of each in all and and all in each.  Every presence is invisibly present in every other by virtue of Christ’s presence in each that embraces them all.  Each presence is present to Christ’s presence in every other, because his coming, parousia presence is luminously present in each, gloriously reflected in all by all.  In short, the Grail is Christ’s parousia of presence, his coming again, present in all, reflected in each, for Christ’s parousia presence is invisibly ever-present in each and secretly ever-present in all, without interference or obstruction.

The Grail is also Christ’s single ‘eye’ of awareness present in every single ‘eye’ of awareness, as in one, so in each, thus so, in all, his coming co-inherence, ever-present in his parousia presence in the heart of each and all.  The coalescing interpenetration of Christ in each and Christ in all, is the advent coming for which all long, to which all belong.  The embrace of Christ’s presence in each one is the embrace of his presence in all, simultaneous interfusion without trace of confusion, simultaneous co-inherence without hint of division.  The Holy Grail of Christ’s parousia presence is his coming presence at the centre of one, in the centre of all, so whoever finds the Grail finds the presence of Christ in and for himself, but also Christ in every personal presence, Christ in each, Christ all in all.  The Grail reveals true personhood as presence of Christ in each and presence of Christ in all, which is the Kingdom of God, coming with power and glory.  So Grail vision beholds Christ in his Bride, together with his beloved in her Beloved, the mystery of sacred conjunction, hidden in the Holy of Holies of the temple, the secret heart of the Holy City of God.

The Grail also envisions an interconnected web or network of presences, each of which reflects and is reflected in every presence, for this is what personal presence always was, and is and is always be-coming, unveiled by the Name of God, named in every name, yet nameless, beyond all names.  The Grail is the Name unveiled, Christ’s parousia presence unnamed yet named, revealed by the Holy Name of God.   Like the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Name unveils Christ’s parousia presence in the midst, so both Eucharist and Name stand together with the Grail,  pinnacle of every longing and all belonging.  All personal presence is, at heart, this parousia of presence, this uncreated glory of love, unveiled in light, this uncreated light of love, unveiled in glory.  The glory of love is present but answers only to two Grail questions:  Who serves the Grail?  Whom does the Grail serve?  The light of love answers the first, the glory of love the second.  The Matter of Britain and the Matter of Byzantium are both completed by the Holy Grail, Christ’s parousia presence of Bridegroom and Bride, conjoined in the Holy of Holies, but descending from heaven, present in the midst of the Holy City of God, for it is the Grail of Christ’s parousia presence that rounds and re-rounds the King’s Round Table in Camelot.