Body of Light and Glory

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The Song of the Name is not unreasonable in its humble awareness of God present and aware of God’s ever-present awareness, humbly aware of the presence and awareness of God.  But it is in unknowing that awareness knows as it is known.  When rationalistic thinking usurps the heart, what is lost is awareness of the body as uncreated light.  This is rationalism, not wholesome reasoning, materialism, not wholesome embodiment.  The resurrection restores awareness of the body as uncreated light, opening the heart to ascending glory.  The body of resurrection is light in whose light, God’s uncreated light is seen.  The body of light is the body of uncreated glory in whose glory, glorification is revealed.  There is nothing unreasonable or illogical about transcending rationalism through the way of the Name, unveiling glory through glorification.  Wisdom sings of the Name, knowing that holy odes run deeper than rational argument, a humble insight which is perfectly reasonable.  Reason and the heart belong together in the glorious flow of grace.  Glory weds reason without betraying the heart.

The body of resurrection is born in saints before their physical death, so that when death comes to them, it opens to light and glory.   Baptism in the Spirit transfigures death by listening to the Spirit’s wisdom, unveiling the light and glory of death.  If death is light and light is glory, where is death’s sting?  Death dies to the sting of death when light subsumes the body, releasing materialism, and light is subsumed by glory, which releases relativism.  Eucharistic union liberates the soul from nihilism as it releases fear and extinguishes dread.  Death dies into eternal life for those who turn and see.  Nothing separates transfigured death from transfiguring life when glory illumines hearts with a kiss.  The kiss of peace is an embrace of glory that gazes with wisdom’s eye, for wisdom knows as wisdom is known by grace, revealing glory.  The mysteries of glory are all wisdom mysteries, opening to uncreated light, unveiling glory in the light of uncreated completeness.

The body of glory is a body of light that illumines bodies from within, releasing the heavy burdens of blind hardness of heart.  The glory of the age to come restores original glory in the timeless present of glory’s uncreated presence.  Time separate what time determines, whereas timeless glory unites what time separated, regenerating timeless wholeness in the Spirit.  Death is feared until light illumines and glory transfigures the hardened heart, reclaiming what was lost when paradise withdraws.  Death transfigures terror into wondrous awe that beholds realms of glory where there were black blocks of bleak remorse.  Desolation dissolves as resurrection rises from hell to heaven, opening heavens beyond heavens in the Holy of Holies.  The body of glory resurrects bodies of vacuous vanity in realms of resplendent glory, releasing terror into awe-struck wonder.  Nobody struggles to save himself when the Name’s saving grace glorifies the saints.  The language of struggle is subsumed by the language of the glory of grace, transmuted into wholesome co-operation.  The body of light reveals a body of glory that wisdom has always known, knowing the glory wisdom has always graciously known from the beginning.