Dance of Wisdom and Glory

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Wisdom dances with glory within everything, unseen until wisdom turns and sees the glory of God in the midst.  The insights of wisdom are not logic or science, but prophetic vision, valued in the desert but undervalued today.  Prophecy employs poetry inspired by the Spirit, not futuristic speculation.  The dance of glory is invisible although visible in the dance of stars, which encircle each other in galaxies, that encircle each other in intergalactic clusters like a cosmic dance.  Observing the visible heavens, seers who turn, see the invisible, intelligible realms that reveal wisdom glorifying God.  The dance of wisdom and glory is the deep flow of things underlying the visible surfaces of things, hidden mystery of glory beheld by wisdom in the midst.  Wisdom and glory are uncreated energies that created energies reflect, revealing uncreated energies that creation reflects in the image of glory.  The dance of wisdom and glory is a dance of love, uncreated love that the eye of wisdom sees when turning turns and seeing sees.  The glory of wisdom is humanity’s secret that Christ came to reveal in God’s Name, sending the Spirit to open the secret to all who turn and see.

The dance of wisdom and glory is hidden with Christ in God until the Spirit unveils it in the midst of those who turn and see.  The love it unveils is a mystery that remains concealed unless wisdom turns and sees the glory of God in the God-man, discovering it everywhere that turning turns and seeing sees.  The whole Adam is addressed by the Word, for it is the whole Adam that is subsumed by the Word.  Jesus is not a private individual nor the scope of his grace a private individualism.  His vision is wisdom’s vision of the whole Adam, gathering what was scattered into a wholesome whole.  Catholicity refers to this wholeness and Orthodoxy refers to this glory, neither of which are visible except to wisdom.  Intelligible but not visible, wisdom beholds the intelligible creation as an icon of uncreated glory.  It is no surprise that the Church is invisible except to wisdom, even though the visible church exists and can be seen without wisdom.  The difference itself is invisible until wisdom turns and sees.

Glory dances with wisdom in this mystery, veiling and unveiling the secret that we are, veiling and unveiling the glory which God is.   Created in God’s image, we are by the grace of Christ human yet deified.  Our divine humanity is a co-inherent mystery which the Spirit reveals as a co-inherence in Holy Trinity.  The two co-inherences are one, inconceivable but present when their presence is revealed.  Faith trusts them both as one mystery in two dimensions, as one glory in two modes.  Separating out the analytical extremes is impossible though living them as union and communion is both possible and actual.   This is the ‘impossible possibility’ of the glory of grace.  Intellectual analysis is suspended in favour of intellectual intuition, supported by wisdom that sees what baffles the rational mind.  Long ago, the Orthodox tradition spoke of a dance of love because right glorification in Christ is love, love’s spontaneous freedom revealed in Christ’s gaze and embrace.   The dance of wisdom and glory is co-inherent with love’s co-inherence, although its coherence cannot be separately analysed or rationally explained.  The co-inherence of wisdom and glory dances in and out as we come and go within it, a dance of doxological love that completes us with the completeness of wisdom and glory. Glory dances with wisdom in mysteries that defy analysis, but communicate deification of all who turn and see.