Circle of Completeness

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Christ reveals his glory in us by sending the Spirit to unveil his wisdom to us, deifying creation in us for the good of all, completing the circle of completeness.   Deification is the grace of Christ’s resurrection and ascension conjoined with the grace of Christ’s glorification, which descends with the Spirit like a dove.  Ascent transcends all resistance to God whilst descent affirms the image and likeness of God.  Together, ascent and descent embrace all, that all may be saved, completing our incompleteness.  The scope of the Name is the glory that wisdom discovers in grace, which is the Eternal Gospel.  The timeless glory of the Eternal Gospel is our ineffable joy and our inexpressible hope, for it is the unveiled face of overwhelming love.  The Name never fails to restore us to glory as it renews us in wisdom, awakening the heart within the circle of completeness.  If the Name were to withdraw, desolation would follow despair, causing rapid deterioration.  But the grace of the Name releases the bonds of hell by liberating us, that we may be free to embrace completeness in our incompleteness.  Wisdom severs the bonds of hell by releasing hells into highest heavens in the radical openness of glory.  Time clings to past and future, forgetting present presence, which being timeless, embraces past and future ‘now,’ in the timeless ‘now’ of present completeness.

Wisdom awakens to the aware-awareness of the uncreated ‘I.’ and the present-presence of the uncreated ‘AM,’ in the timeless wisdom and glory of God’s Name ‘I AM,’ renewing unwavering trust that sustains hope, ensuring that the beauty of holiness does not falter.  The saving Name awakens awareness to the presence of glory, opening from wisdom to the glory of holiness.  Awe-struck wonder releases wisdom, disempowering powers of darkness, enabling the heart to weep with the grace of tears, dissolving the sclerosis of cardiac petrification.  When hard hearts melt, they awaken from the sleep of spiritual death and rise into the life of resurrection.  This is to live our Baptism and our Chrismation, which is to live the Eucharist as unitive communion.  The three great mysteries are one when lived in timeless presence.  Wisdom’s attention attends to presence in the present, no longer dreaming of past or future glory, for God’s glory is now or never.  The mercy of time serves timeless glory, enabling grace to reveal timeless glory in time, over time.  Otherwise, when lost, grace would be lost for ever.  Christ’s divinity is timeless but his humanity embraces time, giving us the grace of his divine-humanity in time, allowing us time to embrace the timeless glory of grace.

The completeness of grace embraces temporal incompleteness within glory’s timeless completeness, gradually healing their separation in the fallen state.  Grace does what is impossible for fallen human nature, ensuring that glorification is possible.  The grace of the Name grants salvation in such a way that the impossible is not only possible but actual.  This is to realise glorified completeness, completing incompleteness anew in every moment.  What could possibly undo this completeness?   Nothing whatever, because it is complete with the completeness of God.  What can possibly deprive us of this completeness?  Nothing at all, for it comes from God and to God it is returning.  God stands steadfast in our midst between his original coming and his final returning, ensuring that God-centred completeness does not degenerate into Godless incompleteness.  Why is there something and not nothing?   Because God is the completeness that causes to be the being of creation, that it is.   How is it that completeness completes incompleteness?   By revealing the completeness of glory in incompleteness.  How is completeness of glory possible?  Because salvation is assured by the grace of the Name, completing grace with glory.  The circle of completeness is visible to wisdom as a mystery of ineffable glory, completing incompleteness by affirming the unbroken circle of completeness.