Way of the Name

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The Way of the Name transcends ordinary thought and imagination, communicating the wisdom of uncreated awareness and the glory of uncreated presence to all who turn and see.  Turning, metanoia, awakens seeing, theoria, that together awaken the uncreated awareness of wisdom to the uncreated presence of glory by turning the light of awareness round so that it beholds the presence of glory in the midst.   Realms of glory have many mansions which are the blessed homes of the saints, so that when awareness turns, there are many ways in which created energies rise into realms of uncreated glory.  Turning is crucial, because when awareness turns and seeing sees, wisdom crystallises into a body of light and ultimately a body of glory.  The Holy Spirit is the face of original awareness turning back into the glory of Christ’s original presence.  The Spirit illumines with tongues of fire, purifying the heart, regenerating the body with living waters of uncreated light.  Christ unveils his body of glory in all who turn and see.  He sends his Spirit to turn us round so that seeing awakens to translucent theoria, which communicates in turn his gift of deifying theosis.

Uncreated light is creative in its uncreated creativity, so when awareness turns around, light recreates everything anew.  There are many modes of created creativity but uncreated creativity is different.  Purification of the heart knows that uncreated creativity derives from uncreated light, uniting heaven and earth with the completeness of theosis.  Uncreated creativity is the creativity of uncreated energy, not to be confused with conventional creativity.  The body of light is glorious but the body of glory is far more glorious still, likened by Christ to a priceless pearl.  Turning purifies the pearl in the shell of the heart, purifying the pearl with uncreated fire.  Turning turns the whole creation round, recreating creation anew with wisdom, restoring original glory.  Completeness regenerates glory in ways that restore glory as it was in the beginning.  Netherworlds transfigure as they release into translucent worlds of glory.  To turn is to see wisdom transfiguring everything into uncreated light, for the wisdom of bright stillness bears witness to glorification in all, through all.

Uncreated light is not dualistic in ways that divide the inward from the outward, for uncreated light fills all, through all.  To turn the light around is to discover uncreated light creatively deifying all in all.  The eye of the heart is the eye of uncreated light, in whose light, uncreated light is seen through light.  The eye of the heart is ultimately the eye of glory that awakens to the glorification of all, through God’s uncreated glorification of God in all.  For it is God who glorifies those who glorify God, because glory is the uncreated energy of God.  The practice of wisdom is the practice of turning the light around, which unveils the ineffability of light and glory.  God is the omnipresent centre that ineffably transcends every conceptual grip, turning awareness round by releasing thoughts into pure, God-centred awareness.  The Way of the Name is the life of truth and the truth of timeless life cultivating right glorification: Holy Orthodoxy.  The Spirit breathes inspiration into the heart through wisdom, restoring glory to God through glorification.  The Name is God’s Holy Way, liberating all by enlightening all, awakening wisdom to glory, sustaining glory with wisdom, crowning saints by enthroning them in glory, enthroning saints by crowning them with wisdom.