Dynamic Completeness

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In the beginning, the Logos names the Holy Name upstream from ordinary language, showing us how to turn the light of awareness round to awaken the heart to the glory of God.  The Name unveils the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit, crowning saints with uncreated light.  Crown and throne are ancient symbols of uncreated glory pointing to the experience of purification, illumination and glorification of seers and saints.  The throne beneath the heart and the crown above the heart were symbols of the uncreated light of glory deifying those who turn and see, who recognise the reign of glory when the flame of the Name above blesses the formless waters of life below, transmuting the body back into the light from which it came.  Revelation of the body of light unveils glory to wisdom, purifying the heart above by cleansing vital energies below.  Uncreated wisdom illumines the awakened mind in the heart above by purifying the created energies of the heart below, dissolving the hardened sclerosis of the heart into a reciprocal union of heaven and earth.  The fire of the Spirit separates out what was confused so as to unite the uncreated light of heaven with the created energies of earth, crystallising old disfunctional fusions into a luminous body of resurrection.

Turning the created light of attention round to rejoin the uncreated light of heaven, awareness abides at centre everywhere, integrating the uncreated light of heaven with the created energies of earth.  Grace unveils glory when wisdom sees as she is seen, unveiling the uncreated face of glory in the midst.  Uncreated grace consummates purification in illumination that is completed in glorification, but glorification never ends, revealing that completion is incomplete that closes down the openness of completeness.  Glorification deifies saints in ways that reveal the incompleteness of every notion of completion, opening completeness anew in every moment beyond temporal obsessions with time past or time future.  Timeless completeness is effulgent in ways that unveil the incompleteness of every conception of completeness, releasing the incompleteness of every concept of completion into opening completeness.

Living completeness is ineffably dynamic, turning the lead of worldliness to gold, then gold to dynamic, golden crowning above the heart on the basis of dynamic golden enthroning below.  The energies of earth offer themselves up as a living sacrifice in communion with the uncreated energies of heaven, completing temporal with timeless energies of hallowing presence.  Emptying themselves of what grace has already completed, they empty themselves into what grace is completing anew in every moment, welcoming anew in every moment the reign of glory to come.  Such openness cannot be grasped or possessed or even conceived, but may be received when poverty of spirit welcomes the ineffable reign of heaven.  Purity of heart sees as it is seen, loves as it is loved, knows as it is known, on earth as in heaven.  The Lord’s Prayer is wisdom’s open door into the Jesus Prayer.  Humble simplicity receives as it is received in heaven, way beyond self-obsessed struggles to attain humility.  No saint is taken in by pride’s presumption that it can impose humility on pride.  But humility is spontaneous when wisdom purifies the heart and glory illumines created energies above the heart with those below it, humbly assenting to the grace of dynamic completeness, restoring ineffable glory to God.