Wisdom of the Beloved Disciple

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The wisdom of the Beloved Disciple inspired the Fourth Gospel and the Book of Revelation in different ways, enabling three epistles to speak of her love of her Beloved who loved her, which is not mere sentiment but the profoundest wisdom. Love of her wisdom regenerates Holy Orthodoxy way beyond the boundaries of the old Byzantine Empire, inspiring many and speaking through a few in every generation, exceeding all expectation.  Beauty of Wisdom radiates with holiness, discerning the glory of grace in the heart of the Holy Name.  Love of wisdom communicates glory together with peace, uniting awareness and presence in the Holy of Holies.  Wisdom’s heavenly dance of Co-inherence prays without ceasing in the heart, receiving and acknowledging God’s reign of glory, opening many heavenly mansions of glory beyond the heaven of heavens.  The beauty of wisdom inspires love of wisdom way beyond the discernments of metaphysics or the discriminations of philosophy, rising way above every kind of scholasticism.  Her Song of Songs inspires Wisdom Odes in some elders, healing the divisive dualisms of negative asceticism, enabling Christian wisdom to face its shadows face to face, overcoming the demons that obstruct the wisdom of her glory.  Gender turns around, them turns around again, until heaven and earth no longer know whether they are visible or invisible and the uncreated in Christ incarnates as created creativity, expressing love’s love of the beloved beyond all reckoning.

Love of wisdom unveils the wisdom of love in ways that transcend time, because temporal loves come and go, but love of wisdom’s love is timeless.  Wisdom never ceases to intercede for seers to see as they are seen, praying that the eye of wisdom illumines every heart.  Holy wisdom loves to empower her single eye to see the glory of material bodies in the fulness of her uncreated light, embracing her gaze of love as a kiss of peace, restoring earth to heaven with glory.  No words or concepts can express the glory that inspires her hallowing glorification.  No language or system of ideas can articulate the love of her incomparable beauty.  All totalitarian attempts to impose totality on wisdom’s manifold Co-inherence fail to last and inevitably fall away.  Love alone remains, bearing witness to love’s glories, revealing love’s glory everywhere.  Her gaze shares her kiss of peace with all, embracing heaven and earth, unveiling the glory of love in all, through all, for all.  The wisdom of the Beloved Disciple communicates Christ’s wisdom way beyond all boundaries, with the help of the Spirit’s unceasing glorification of the Father, through the Son.  Holy Trinity is love’s wisdom revealing love’s glory in every heavenly realm, descending to embrace every forgotten corner of the earth.

The beauty of grace-filled wisdom is revealed in wisdom’s icons on earth that bear witness to her dance of Co-inherence in heaven, resplendent on earth as she is translucent in heaven.  Her embrace is unveiled in every glance, because her gaze is a kiss of peace in every embrace.  Her encircling dance unveils her love, playing gracefully in every perception, reaching to corners of our darkness that nothing else can reach.  Wisdom transfigures our sufferings with glory in ways that transform us within and without, turning us outside in and inside out.  We watch and wait in stillness whilst she dances through all heavenly realms, uniting what is below with what is above.  When we are still, she is active in ineffable ways, bearing unceasing witness to what is above, beholding its resplendence here below, integrating all realms and levels without loss of the integral completeness of her glory.  Wisdom’s love embraces incompleteness as her friend, not as her enemy, embracing incompleteness as her beloved, not as her rival.  The Beloved Disciple bears witness in the Spirit to her Beloved Christ, revealing glory beyond Christendom, Christianity and even beyond secular Christian modes of Christian presence, unveiling wisdom that discerns uncreated glory beyond all boundaries.  Wisdom is beautiful and loves the beauty of the Beloved Disciple, seing the beauty of her holiness wherever he turns, beholding the glory of her wisdom however she turns.