Fulness of Glory

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Heaven and earth are full of the glory of God, surrounding awareness with the presence of God in his Name, encircling the breathing spirit with the oneness of the Holy Spirit.  One with Christ and the Father, the Spirit imparts wisdom in Christ that discerns fulness of glory everywhere, empowering purification to resurrect with Christ as illumination and illumination to ascend in Christ as glorification.  The trajectory of uncreated light is glory, awakening wisdom to fulness of glory beyond the scope of human capacity without grace.  Glorification embraces heaven and earth because it purifies and illumines the heart with doxological grace, hallowing earth in heaven and heaven on earth.  Uncreated grace embraces awareness as wisdom and presence as glory with the intention of expanding awareness to include the fulness of the presence of God.  But for grace to save, the human understanding has to surrender its authority to God rather than impose itself on what transcends it.  For the light of heaven to embrace the earth, the understanding humbles itself in profound self-emptying, restoring glory to God.

Fulness of glory waits patiently for the heart to turn and see, gently purifying the heart with uncreated light until it spontaneously awakens to glory.  Grace does not force itself on souls or impose itself in an abusive manner, but surrounds the heart with liberating love so as to address its fears, one by one, face to face.  Fulness of glory descends to meet fulness of grace ascending to embrace the depths of terror with unselfish love.  From fulness to fulness, grace awakens wisdom to discern the glory of grace, coming full circle when completeness dawns.  From grace to grace and from glory to glory, glorification of God turns right round into glorification of saints by God, revealing that our desire for God is actually a gift from God coming towards us from the beginning.  Fulness of glory was always present from the beginning, beckoning us to turn and see.  Grace is not a reward for those who earn it, but a gift from God that fills heaven and earth with its ineffable glory.

Mysteries of glory are mysteries of grace that were always present from the beginning, inviting us to turn and see.  The smile of grace is a smile of love that never wavers, rather than being the arbitrary whim of a divine despot offering rewards and punishments to his myriad minions.  Fear conjures images of God that dissolve when love’s glory dawns.  The regeneration of fear’s images is love’s holy concern, revealing love to be love’s true, ultimate concern.  Love in us invites our imagination to align with God’s uncreated imagination, an alignment that attunes us to God’s ultimate concern.  This is the holy work of hallowing glorification, coming to meet us from before the beginning of the world.  There never was a time when grace fell from grace or glory fell from glory, because the completeness of the glory of grace was always timeless presence awakening awareness to timeless wisdom.  Demons fall and allure us into falls from grace and glory, but grace remains grace and glory remains glory in the timeless realms of angels and saints.  This is the fulness of glory that fills heaven and earth with unwavering completeness, curing falls into incompleteness with hallowing glorification.