Throne and Crown

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The throne of glory symbolises the deification of the three centres beneath the heart, survival, security and control, whilst the crown symbolises the deification of the three centres above the heart, speech, single eye and crown, also called halo of glory. The holy rite of coronation also includes a golden orb and sceptre, because crowning places the cross over the hallowed earth and empowers sovereignty with the sceptre of the reign of glory.  The ancient emblems of coronation have always supported the contemplation of the royalty of wisdom, releasing saints into the royal glory of prophets, priests and kings.  Without the symbols of ancient monarchy, the halo of saints might not have been enough to remind them of the royalty of Christ’s reign of glory.  Without the throne and crown of glory, saints might be deprived of what spiritual anointing really means.  Enthroned and crowned in glory, saints bear witness to God’s reign of glory in their lives, loves and vision.  A golden throne and crown bear symbolic witness to glorification in ways that transcend regal pomp, icons of hallowing deification.

The throne of glory grounds deification beneath the illumined heart, enabling glorification to ascend above the heart, inspiring the speech of prophecy, the eye of wisdom and the crowning ascension of pure prayer.  The crown is clearly so much more than an ancient relic of ancient kings, being also the halo of glory of living saints. Glory descends upon them like a crown, empowering them to reign with Christ in his Kingdom of glory, but without the grounding throne, the crown of wisdom would be unsustainable abstraction.  Together, crown and throne permit saints to awaken to the sovereignty of glory, not just the sovereignty of kings and queens but of saints who turn and see.  Christ awakens hallowed saints to the sovereign grace of Christly wisdom and wisdom to sovereign glory.  The ancient symbols effectively reminded them of Christ and his sovereign reign of ineffable glory.  Without the crown, the throne would not impart ineffable completeness, just as without the throne, the crown would not complete incompleteness with the fulness of completeness. Together, throne and crown complete each other, communicating ineffable completeness.

The stone of destiny beneath the throne supports the holy sovereignty of saints in ways that complement the four lions, the four feet of the throne beneath.  The stone is the seat of the golden throne, whilst the lions uphold it as its four golden feet.  When Queen Elizabeth was crowned on June 2nd 1953, nearly seventy years ago, these ancient symbols were evident to all, but not the hidden wisdom that upheld their glory.  When wisdom descends from heaven, glory unveils its hidden presence, turning awareness round to behold the presence of glory.  To someone born in 1945, the coronation was a wondrous spectacle of royal splendour, but to wisdom, glory is its first love, just as for glory, love of wisdom is its first and final love.  It may take almost a life-time to release such memories into living presence, restoring glory to God.  Seven decades gather into timeless presence as throne embraces crown in the glory of a single breath, a single eye, a single presence.  Crown and throne meet presence of presence in simple awareness, awareness of present awareness, turning awareness round to conjoin presence in the hallowed Name.  What mystery hid from vain scrutiny seventy years ago, wisdom reveals with blinding clarity in a single moment.  Sovereignty is generously shared with all when, as crown, wisdom weds glory as throne, in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies.