Dancing Presence

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The dancing presence of wisdom fills the heavens with uncreated glory, singing wisdom songs that glorify God, through God, in God.  Holy Trinity is not rigid, reified dogmatism but revelation of dancing presence, unveiling the round dance of God’s three persons among angels and saints in heaven, resounding on earth as the holy dance of heaven.  Holy Orthodoxy inspired persons to ‘resound through’ their PER-SONA, ‘sounding-through’ their song of the Name, turning their round dance, PERI-CHORESIS, into a holy turning, PERI, that dances God’s holy dance, CHORESIS, on earth as it revolves and resonates in heaven.  The origin of the PERSONA image lay in Greek drama, which used the mask as a megaphone, capable of resounding what was said or sung through the mask.  Glory was revealed by words of the Holy Word resounding through the per-sona mask, like a microphone or logo-phone.  The round dance and the mask were metaphors that eventually shaped the way dogma was expressed, giving icons of Holy Co-inherence and hypostatic personhood to the Orthodox tradition.  It was not dogmatism but dancing presence and hallowing resonance that originally inspired the way Holy Trinity was expressed.

Dancing presence was glorious in its uncreated energy as it deified the saints, inspiring the compassionate love of elders.  The beauty of the glory of wisdom remains ineffable as it purifies hearts with dazzling clarity.  The communion of wisdom and glory unveiled mysteries of Christ in the Holy Spirit, to the increasing glory of the Father.  The dance of presence awakened awareness through the Name, communicating unceasing joy.  But the joy of the dance was hidden with Christ in God when worldly thoughts and feelings intervened.  Glory is eschatological, future glory breaking in.   Unceasing prayer centres in God, who centres in God, revealing the dance of presence when awareness dawns.  The fourth dimension of wisdom opens to the fifth dimension of glory that reveals the sixth dimension of oneness through the Name, uniting wisdom and glory in hallowing glorification.  The glory of grace opens all six dimensions to the seventh, which is the ineffable openness of wisdom and glory, revealing timeless completeness, completing incompleteness.  

Ineffable peace reveals the silence of stillness to the heart, creating a bond of peace that does not bind or double bind.  Boundless in its completeness, wisdom completes incompleteness without binding itself with bonds of burdensome bondage.  The boundless glory of love nourishes saints in every generation, unveiling the Spirit’s union with Christ in the Father’s ineffable love.  Boundless love flows from the Father to embrace Christ in the Spirit as a co-inherent dance of hallowing presence, regenerating creation anew in every moment.  Hidden with Christ in God, wisdom fills heaven with her boundless glory, like a co-inherent dance.   PERSONA, in Latin, was rendered HYPOSTASIS in Greek, which had a different resonance, rendering resonance as presence, ‘standing-under’ the other, or others, like an inter-relational, co-inherent ground.  In any case, Patristic apophasis insisted on the ineffability of these different metaphors, warning against literal, rationalistic speculation.  Acknowledging wisdom, glory is recognised, unveiling the round dance of the heavens, spheres of wondrous beauty resounding in realms of ineffable glory.  Wisdom is beautiful as she unveils glory in her resonant dance of ineffable love, turning as she sees, seeing as she turns, embracing brokenness with gracious tenderness through the dancing presence of wisdom.