Two-edged Sword

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The two-edged sword of prophecy cuts both ways, through hardened institution and through dissipating dislocation, healing destitution.  Dislocation shatters union whilst institution reifies it, causing sclerotic fixation, quenching the consuming fire of grace.  Glory is the flame of the saving Name, inspiring prophecy, regenerating prayer, curing destitution.  The sword of prophecy has a two-edged blade that severs old delusion and cuts off compulsive division, opening confusion to union and curing division with communion, cutting through destitution both ways at once.  Prophecy is costly and difficult because it breaks open what closure fixes, liberating what fixation sets in stone.  It is the word of the Word that is sharper than any two-edged sword, according to  Hebrews 4:12, showing why prophecy is crucial in an age of warring powers.  Liberation sings when wisdom swings its sword both ways, freeing saints from captivity to warring powers, liberating them from narrow extremes or shallow compromise.  There is no end to the purification of the heart from captivating extremes, no end to the purification that prophecy instigates and prayer sustains. 

The two-edged blade of purifying prayer works together with the two edged sword of regenerative prophecy, together communicating the wisdom that weds glory in the Holy Name.  Old symbolisms suddenly live again, as in the beginning, cutting through infatuation with static conservation.  Wisdom songs express the glory that stillness sings, awake in the silence of the night.  Suddenly, the heart is renewed by the invisible energies of uncreated light, opening illumination to glorification.  Suddenly, light sees light in the light of the Name, enlightening the heart.  Suddenly, heaven weds earth in the communion of saints, communicating the flame of glorification with uncreated fire.  The immediacy of presence leaps from presence to awareness, awakening light to the reign of glory to come.  There is no end to grace, but prophecy is quenched the moment that wisdom falls from glory into shallow repetition.  It is no surprise glory is persecuted in the name of shallow repetition and prophecy quenched in the name of external reputation.  Fear freezes uncreated fire to preserve itself from uncreated flame, but uncreated fire consumes confusion and heals division, whilst uncreated flame burns away the impediments of the heart.

Two-edged wisdom is alive, sharper than any two-edged sword, severing divisive mind-sets as they seduce in times of war.  Powers align to oppose each other, quenching prophetic wisdom, not to be confused with legitimate defence of love and freedom.  War is like an epidemic when it swallows peoples in webs of lies, wars in cyber space that duplicate trade war in every virtual domain.  Prayer is vulnerable without prophecy, easy prey to the infected manufacture of lies, but together, prophecy and prayer expose and extinguish lies as they listen to the Spirit of truth and healing.   Wisdom dispels confusion as it releases division, empowering glory to open to the coming reign of glory both ways at once.  Warring powers are overcome by uncreated peace, but when peace is obliged to defend peace from lies and violence, the false peace of the enemy is exposed.  Costly peace often suffers martyrdom but resurrects as wisdom beyond the confines of warring extremes.  Two-edged prophecy regenerates wholesome prayer, discerning the glory of prophetic illumination, resounding as ineffable glorification,