Wisdom function of Elijah

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The wisdom function of Elijah, according to the Prophet Malachi, is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, welcoming the coming day of the revelatory Name (Mal 3:22-24).  Elijah’s ultimate concern is the renewal of sacred tradition, awakening hearts to the Name.  The prophet’s own name reveals God in his Name, ‘my God is Yah: I AM.’.  His function is to transmit the Spirit’s revelation of the Name from tradition bearers to tradition hearers, which is the spiritual function of the Prophet of Prayer.  The prophet Zechariah refers to the unification of the Name: one ‘I AM,’ one Name  (Zech 14:9), pointing to union in the Name as the living heart of the communion of saints.  The prophecy of prayer communicates prayer that generates prophecy, which is the practice of wisdom, the praxis of theoria.  The prophet Joel spoke of prophecy breaking out among the young, fulfilling the dreams of the old and awakening fresh visions in the young (Joel 2:27-8). The prophet of prayer transmits turning that purifies the heart and illumines awareness in the heart, revealing the glory of God on Mount Sinai, Mount Carmel, Mount Horeb and Mount Tabor, the holy mountains of revelation.  The whisper of stillness in the heart of Elijah is the voice of stillness, the Word of Theophany: ‘I am I AM, thy God, turn and see; God’s glory is in the midst of thee.’

The wisdom function of the prophet of prayer has never been extinguished, even though the canon of Scripture was closed long ago.  Elijah awakens hearts to the wisdom of the Name of glory, which is his spiritual function: ‘I AM, He is God, turn and see.’  He makes present on earth the spiritual function of angels in heaven, hallowing the Name on earth as it is hallowed among angels in heaven.  Rainbow theophanies unveil the Name with manifold wisdom, crowning saints with many differing theophanies, vesting seers with many kinds of glory.  Countless deifying names hallow the name of Oneness, which is God’s Holy Name, but none divide God or confuse his holy embrace of difference.  Pentecost is the revelation of rainbow Co-Inherence, unveiling many tongues of uncreated fire as one, living flame of the revelatory Name.  Purification and illumination of the saints bear fruit in rainbow glorification, infinitely varied and ultimately one.  The chariot throne of glory ascends and descends as a whirlwind flame of translucent fire, reflecting like a crystal the complete spectrum of the rainbow, sustaining infinite variety in God-centred communion.

With theophany, the wisdom function of the prophet of prayer unveils the rainbow Name.  The Name reveals its rainbow secret with a whisper in the cave of the heart, stilling the earthquake, wind and fire of grand mountain theophanies, revealing God’s manifold wisdom in the midst.  Each theophany is unique, different, and profoundly personal whilst being also universal in its unifying intent of wholesome oneness.  Like Elijah, Enoch does not die but ascends, unveiling rainbow mysteries of variegated glory. Glorification receives and hands on the mysteries of glory to those who turn and see. There is no separation between wisdom and glory, so when wisdom discerns the glory of the Name, it unveils hallowing union in the midst.  Wisdom, justified by her children, communicates the glory of the Name, because wisdom’s children were always taught by the Name, revealing the infinite scope of Great Peace.  Throne-vision awakens crown-vision, completing incompleteness with consummate completeness.  Wisdom shepherds gather rainbow variance into comprehensive coherence, revealing the mysteries of Holy Co-inherence, unveiling the Countenance of God in countless different ways.  The prophet of prayer completes the function of Elijah in every generation, never ceasing to pray the Spirit’s prayer for all, answered by Christ’s presence indwelling each unique saint.