Simple Wisdom

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There is no confusion for simple wisdom, no division for wholesome glorification. Wisdom is simple in the midst of purified awareness, indivisible at the heart of enlightening presence.  Obscuration dissolves when awareness turns, because obstructions are extinguished by the surrounding flame of the paradise Name. Wherever awareness turns, wisdom sees a heavenly earth wedded to an earthly heaven.  Heaven regenerates earth when wisdom sees as wisdom is seen in heaven. Falls from glory deceive demons and despotic despair but not saints beholding glory in the simplicity of wisdom.  Grace sings of glory and is not quenched by subtle, satanic accusations that drag souls down to hell.  Satanic powers love to condemn souls to hell but the Name saves souls by raising them to heaven.  Grace infuses souls with trust, silencing Satan’s condemnations to hell, whilst decisively condemning pride itself to hell without despair.  Trust lives the timeless life of glory in the reign of heaven, refusing to listen to temptations to despair.

Saint Silouan the Athonite bequeathed the simplicity of wisdom to the heart of Saint Sophrony the Hesychast, handing on the grace of infinite loving-kindness to those who condemned pride to hell.  Trust refuses to despair even when Satan tempts it by accusing it of pride, turning dark duplicity into infinite light in the presence of uncreated grace.  Saint Sophrony was not accusing pride to tempt souls to despair, but condemning pride to hell to save souls from despair.  Wisdom trusts presence to reveal glory to the saints, humbly trusting the glory of grace to restore glory to God.  Artificial humility parodies genuine humility by laying claim to humility in the name of pride, whereas glory is free of vanity when it is God’s insight into God’s glorification of God.  Wisdom is not agitated by confusion when it trusts glory, beholding a heavenly earth with the simple, single eye of an earthly heaven. The simplicity of wisdom sees glory wherever she turns, beholding the beauty of holiness without the duplicity of pride.

Wisdom’s simplicity cuts through divisive temptations, releasing pride back into the humility of wholesome trust.  Nihilism cannot distinguish truth from error, because it believes its lies, projecting its lies out onto its enemies, persuading crowds of admiring believers that its lies are true, confusing its own theft with being victim of the theft it projects.  Trust liberates glory from vanity, restoring glory to God, releasing pride by trusting the Name to save.  The wisdom of God is timeless, healing division by restoring timeless glory to God.  Saint Silouan’s insight into wisdom discerned the glory of love, giving to Saint Sophrony the humble cure to temptations to pride, renewing Holy Orthodoxy by inspiring elders to turn and see, purifying hearts with uncreated light, glorifying saints with humble simplicity.  The simplicity of wisdom is the simplicity of God, communicating grace through trust in his Name.  The wisdom of simplicity gave Saint Sophrony the Hesychast insight into how hells of pride are dispelled, opening hearts to the wisdom of heaven.  Heavens open as hells dissolve back into their original simplicity, sustaining angels and saints with God-centred glorification of God, saving souls through uncreated grace, unveiling to simple wisdom the humble glory of God.