Rest in Peace

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Wisdom rests in peace in the glory of God, abiding at centre where God centres in God, through God.  The heavens of the heart wed the earth in the heart, opening death to resurrecting life.  Christ rests in peace in the Father’s presence, embraced by the Spirit, who proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son.  Peace is therefore Christ’s mode of life in his death on the Cross, his living witness descending to hell to raise the dead, his awareness of glory in the presence of wisdom.  Saints rest in peace through Christ, in whom they abide with wisdom in glory.  They rest because stillness rests in wisdom through glory, their hearts stilled by peace, abiding at centre in the Spirit’s love of the Father in Christ.  Rest in peace is not, therefore, an external phenomenon outside the Holy Trinity, but spiritual communion in Holy Trinity.  Saints rest in peace with active ferocity when demonic division threatens to overcome them, because love is fierce when division reigns.  Taught by the Name, saints know when peace is fierce and when it is serene, communicating divine names of majesty through sovereign love.

Rest in peace comes to reign in times of war, raising the dead and ascending to heaven with power.  Rest has nothing soporific about it nor has real peace any part with the false peace of collusive appeasement.  Saints abide with angels and archangels, like Michael, who leads the angelic hosts in their war with Satan’s demons, and Gabriel, who unveils the Name in the midst of angels and saints.  Rest in peace is not appeasing passivity but active peace-making that blesses saints in times of war.  When peace protects love against demonic attack, its rest is active and effective, but not war-mongering belligerence.  Saints rest in peace in the company of angelic hosts whose holy war defends them against warring evil powers.  They abide in Christ in the Father’s Name, strong in the Spirit’s active embrace.  They live in the fourth dimension of wisdom, awake in the fifth dimension of glory, uniting wisdom and glory in the sixth dimension of holy oneness, opening to the seventh dimension of ineffable openness.

The fierce peace of glory embraces the peace of God that passes all understanding, transcending the false peace of collusive appeasement.  Holy war confronts demonic division with fierce peace, dismantling the structures of despotic power.  The glory of love is boundless in the Father’s embrace, communicating Christ’s ineffable love.  Peace flows from the Father, embracing Christ through the Spirit, illumining the awakened hearts of the saints, hallowing them with its dancing presence, regenerating creation anew in every moment.  Wisdom is acknowledged as glory is recognised, restoring glory to God.  The round dance of peace abides in the highest heavens, sustaining spheres of wondrous beauty in realms of ineffable glory.  The dance of peace encircles heavens of glory without rest, ensuring the peace of wisdom abides in heavens of protective glory.  Resting here, in God at centre, in the midst, saints abide in peace as they turn and see, beholding the gracious tenderness of wisdom at the heart of the fierce peace of glory.