Prayer of the Heart

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The prayer of the heart regenerates prophecy, transfiguring the vision of the Father’s realm of the Name, recognising Christ’s reign of the Name in the Spirit’s revelation of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory.  Unveiling Holy Trinity, Holy Orthodoxy is not the reification of this transfiguring recognition but release of reification into original Christophany in the Spirit’s wisdom, liberating reification into ineffable openness in the eye of the heart.  The heavy tendency to reify what the mind cannot grasp is driven by fear, terror generating terror-induced paranoia and lethal war-mongering.  Trust is destroyed by lies that invent lies to conceal lies, producing hell on earth, but the Spirit restores truth in Christ who recognises God in his Father’s reign of the Name.  The juncture of holiness and beauty is glory opening glory to glory without end.  This conjuncture in Christ joins male and female in paradise as an earthly heaven conjoined with a heavenly earth, unveiling an uncreated Song of Songs, revealing the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber.  Prophecy of prayer regenerates broken hearts in the reign of glory through the Name of Holy Trinity.

Grace restores glory by healing reification with the goodness of love, unveiling theophanies on Mount Sinai, as on Mount Horeb and Mount Carmel, on Mount Tabor. Hell on earth shatters peace on earth but peace is restored in the Spirit through Christ, hidden in the uncreated heart of the Father.  Signs of glory unveil the saving Name anew in every moment, emptying reification into rectification through the Name.  The Word names the Name like a two-edged sword, severing rectification from reification, which leaps over mountains of obscuration.  Enmity invaded to dictate instead of listen, to subject instead of co-operate, to destroy instead of resurrect the dead.  Wisdom bubbles up from the fountain sealed in the garden enclosed, witness to beauty through the brilliance of glory.  Wonder gazes past hells into heavens of glory, unveiling boundless beauty, though invisible to external observation.   Prayer of the heart listens to the unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart, dissolving the depths of hell within the heights of heaven, dispelling the darkness of hell in the uncreated light of heaven.

The Spirit of Truth dissolves diabolical duplicity in the Name of glory, bearing witness on the Holy Mountain to the joy of grace.  Oppression lifts like fog when the uncreated light of glory shines, showering saints with blessing.  Redemption descends from heaven to bring peace on earth, restoring glory below attuned to glory above. Doubt and confusion dissolve into trust and communion when saints embrace martyrs for God’s Name’s sake.  Grace releases war into great peace again and again, opening hells to heaven.  Costly love endures persecution with fierce patience, refusing to surrender to raging dictatorial powers.  It is never too late to turn and see as God sees, to convert satanic inversion into God-centred reversion and restitution.  Wisdom is near, waiting to turn, eager to see, always ready to unite what Satan separates, refusing to despair as demons despair.  Grace separates out from separation when division dissolves into the indivisible communion of saints, restoring peace on earth with glory from heaven. The peace of heaven ends war in heaven that peace may reign on earth as peace always reigns in heaven.  The unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart renews prophecy that creatively reimagines the image of God, restored by enlightening likeness through the Spirit, remaking peace on earth.