Saving Grace

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Grace saves by purifying the heart, enlightening the mind in the heart and glorifying God in both mind and heart.  There is no division when there is no confusion of mind or heart, empowering glorification of God that communicates glorification by God.  Grace saves with uncreated light, seeing as it is seen in every dimension, opening the three dimensions of length, breadth and height to the fourth dimension of wisdom, unveiling the fifth dimension of glory and the sixth dimension of oneness, revealing the seventh dimension of completeness as ineffable openness.  Seven dimensional openness crowns with peace those who are enthroned in the oneness of light and glory, peace that does not confuse or divide wisdom from glory.  Saving grace surrounds trust in wisdom with glory, releasing delusion into uncreated light, restoring trust in uncreated glory.  Ascending into timeless clouds of peace, wisdom’s wings soar on winds of the Spirit, uniting Christ’s ascension with the Spirit’s descent at Pentecost.  The serenity of Christ stills storms of heart and mind with uncreated peace, wheres fear seduces storms into cold wars, easily exploding into hot wars when coherence descends into divisive confusion, destroying trust.

War lies hidden beneath false peace, hardening frozen hearts, imposing enmity among friends.  The dove of the Spirit descends with peace, unless the Spirit is demonised, condemning forgiveness to hell.  The Spirit rests in peace until hearts turn again and see as they are seen, opening hells to heaven.  The fulness of glory completes incompleteness with completeness when grace restores purity of heart with uncreated light.  Ascent weds descent in the Holy of Holies, gathering saints with angels in the Heaven of Heavens.  Completeness anoints Christians with the oil of mercy when they awaken to the Holy Name, wedding prophecy with prayer in the heart, resting in peace by hallowing God’s coming reign.  The Spirit of prophetic prayer heals falls from grace with hallowing glory, curing despair with unconditioned hope.   Chariot thrones of glory uphold seers in times of war, rescuing them from storms of hatred whilst securing them from deadly dread.  The Spirit of Truth does not poison those who follow the way of Name-hallowing, nor does centred stillness stray from the way of the Name. 

Saving grace does not abandon those who trust its glory or leave them bereft of discernment in times of trial.  Glorification stands steadfast in enlightening purification, strong in the Spirit’s unwavering witness to the beauty and goodness of truth.  Raging powers of destruction and deception appear stronger than the weakness of a martyr’s suffering but Holy Orthodoxy bears witness to the capacity of grace to overcome evil nevertheless.  Lightening grace exposes shadows of death to the uncreated light of the Name, empowering deception to release and delusion to dissolve.  The way of the Name stands steadfast when chaos rages all around, releasing wisdom songs of glorification, unveiling glory in the midst.  The face of glory outshines ruling powers, centred on the the peace of the City of God.  The City’s firm foundations withstand  demonic onslaught, resisting Satanic lies, trusting grace to save.  Holy Orthodoxy is vulnerable but not defeated when attacked by persecuting powers, withstanding decades of persecution from without, followed by parodies of orthodoxy from within.  Glory gives thanks that grace saves martyrs besieged by communist then fascist dictatorship, restoring glory to God in a war in Ukraine that perhaps teeters on the threshold of a third world war.