Holy Trinity

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The Father generates the Word who names the Name, ‘I am ‘I AM’ thy God,’ revealing God, through God in God, unveiling Holy Trinity, communicating glorification of God, through God the Word, in God the Holy Spirit by purifying and enlightening the heart. The pure in heart are grateful sinners who turn as they are turned and see as they are seen, never to be confused with those who divisively claim to be naturally pure, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, all have lost the glory they were given in the beginning.  It is not that the pure naturally turn and see, so escape the need for grace, but that turning is turned by God and seeing is seen by God, revealing the grace of God, through God the Word, in God the Holy Spirit.  Holy Trinity is grace without which the Name is not revealed, without which wisdom is not given, or glory unveiled. Wisdom is God seeing as God is seen, glorifying God as God is glorified by God, revealing God who unveils that all have fallen short of glory except God the Word and Spirit, with angels who name the Father’s revelatory Name.  Theophany happens when revelatory, reflexive wisdom unveils reflexive glory, turned-back wisdom revealing turned-back glory, God remembering as God is remembered by God, turning as God turns, seeing as God sees.

Holy Trinity is not something revealed for us to observe and scrutinise out there but revelatory revelation itself, revealing the Name revealing God, through God, in God. The Holy Trinity is intrinsically revelatory and reflexively reciprocal, for it is recognition remembering God’s recognition that remembers what was forgotten when the fall from glory happened.  This is to speak as if the fall happened in time, as if, when angels fell, they fell as demons falling from timeless glory into their own tormented time, condemned to incompleteness without access to timeless completeness. Reflexive recognition is doxological reciprocity revealing remembering recognition, Holy Trinity in action as uncreated energy, uncreated wisdom unveiling uncreated glory of grace.  Without grace, uncreated wisdom would not reveal uncreated glory, nor would uncreated rigour unveil uncreated mercy.  In fact there would be no revelation of God at all, because God would not be the revelation of God, revelation through God, revelation in God.   To imagine God to be absolute oneness consuming Holy Trinity is to project the concepts of the mind beyond their capacity to think God.  It is to glorify the capacity to think and imagine beyond what thought or imagination are capable of encompassing.

Holy Trinity upholds humble wisdom so that wisdom does not fall from glory, ensuring God’s wisdom never falls from uncreated grace or fails to communicate deifying grace to angels and saints.  Holy Trinity is not tempted to abstract from Holy Trinity by thinking its essence is superior to its triune, personal life, as if its essence was proudly abstracting from its mutual reciprocal recognition, or that thought transcends the glory of wisdom.  Holy Trinity is not vainly self-destructive of Holy Trinity, nor does Holy Trinity reify itself or deceive itself by idolatrously glorifying its dogmatic reifications.  Rather, Holy Trinity infinitely transcends its reified formulations, infinitely liberating itself from all need to be liberated from dogmatism.  This is the meaning of the ineffability of glory, unceasingly sustaining holy openness beyond thought or imagination.  This is the ineffable mystery of the seventh dimension that integrates dimensions of wisdom and glory beyond all conception of their dimensional oneness.  The first three dimensions, length, breadth and height, can of course be thought and imagined, but wisdom and glory with the Name that unites them are four dimensions that transcend thought and imagination. Glorification lives from God’s glorification of God through God in Christ and from God’s glorification of God in God the Holy Spirit, abiding in the ineffable dimensions of the Father’s realms of glory beyond thought and imagination, utterly ineffable in their unthinkable triune co-inherence and radical openness.