Hallowing the Name

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The Word names the hallowing Name, revealing the glory of the Father, through the wisdom of the Son in the peace of the Holy Spirit, unveiling God’s blessed Reign in his Name.  Hallowing the Name, Kiddush haShem, sanctifies saints who die to death before they die, rise from the dead to ascend in uncreated light, glorified by the uncreated grace of the Name.  The hallowing Name blesses and is blessed, above all created blessings or consolations, enshrined in the Lord’s Prayer.  Great Peace abides in heaven to descend from heaven to earth as thrice-holy, trisagion blessing, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the reign of the Name,’ hallowing all who say ‘Amen.’  The Name makes peace on earth as in heaven on high, wedding heaven and earth in the Holy of Holies.  The Great Peace is the haven and home of angels and saints, raising to glory all who partake in the grace of glorification.  The Word’s naming of the Name hallows all heaven with its thrice-holy hallowing, securing peace on earth as in heaven.  The Holy War in heaven overcomes Satan and his demons, who parody Christ and his angels by mimicking God in subtle, deceptive ways, but are overcome by the Cross of victorious love in every timeless moment.

Name-hallowing communicates peace on earth as it reveals peace in heaven, securing Great Peace anew in every moment.  The blessing of the peacemakers establishes peace on earth by diagnosing and curing the disease of war, healing the fears and wounded pride that lead to war.  Angels and saints are invisible to drones as they hover over death and destruction but their presence bears witness to the wisdom and glory of Great Peace.  Invisible dimensions such as wisdom, glory and ineffable oneness may not be obvious to a materialistic age but are evident to those who turn and see.   Great Peace is known to wisdom as it unveils glory, piercing through the divisive confusions that lead to war.  Christ communicates the Holy Spirit who bears witness to him on Golgotha and in every Golgotha throughout time, every agony of history that cries out for peace.  Christ was never confined to his own time in Roman Palestine, but deifies saints in every age including the present, which reveals his presence in glory.

Hallowing the Holy Name communicates the reign of peace on earth because it overflows from the reign of peace in heaven, peace that overcomes warring powers in heaven.  The reign of peace in our day is one with the reign of peace breaking in from God’s reign of the Name in the age to come, the coming reign of peace that embraces heaven on earth.  Saints suffer but do not despair, knowing that the glory of the Cross is timeless in its power and glorious in its empowering peace.  But the power of heaven does not overpower but empowers with peace, appearing weak but perfect in its completing completeness.  Parodies of peace overpower by overwhelming force but love suffers with all who suffer from the violence of demonic parodies, communicating the Cross of Glory.  Hardened blindness is cruel because it only knows force and has not yet awoken to love.  Grace awakens hearts so that they turn and see, humbling the pride that leads to war.  Humility of mind and heart extinguishes pride by healing hardness of heart, opening parody to paradise through wise paradox.  Name-hallowing blesses seers and sanctifies saints, comforting all who mourn.  The Great Name is Great Peace blessing purity of heart with wisdom, awakening hearts to glory singing timeless wisdom songs: ‘Holy is his Name,’  ‘Hallowed be thy Name.’