Realm of the Name

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God’s realm of the Name is free of confusion and division, so frees the heart from confusion and division by purification and illumination, sustaining glorification.  Since, in God, there is no confusion, indivisible union is timelessly present, spontaneously purifying the heart.  Freedom is valued not because there are regimes that poison and imprison those who resist oppression, but because God’s realm of the Name is perfect freedom and can never become oppressive or need freeing.  Wisdom’s realm of the Name is pure, luminous and glorious, totally free of all trace of totalitarian oppression. The womb of wisdom is so glorious that whatever arises unveils the uncreated energy of its revelation.  There is only the liberating revelation of the Name, the blessing of unconfused communion, communicating indivisible glory as deifying glorification.  The womb of revelatory communion is inherently indivisible, consuming confusion together with division, abiding in the peace of the Name.  The womb of ultimate wisdom gives birth to glory, healing division whenever war violates peace, curing confusion whenever war breaks out to disguise greed.

The realm of the Name is a reign of grace awakening awareness to uncreated presence, originally un-originating.  The Spirit communicates the Father’s original un-origination through the only-begotten Son, whose uncreated grace deifies the glorified. Grace does not come and go, but falls from grace do begin and end, calling for grace to restore timeless glory.  The unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart heals as uncreated light, hallowing with uncreated glory the beauty of grace, deifying angels and saints in heavenly realms.  Uncreated light transcends division between centre and periphery, pervading both visible and invisible space with timeless radiance. Unborn and undying, the presence of grace spontaneously reveals glory, freeing warring extremes to release into uncreated freedom.  Realms of expansive openness abide in peace in the Father’s heart, generating the Son in peace, proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, revealing the Spirit of peace in the invincible fortress of God’s reign, shattering the rule of fallen, evil powers.

The infinite glory of God’s sure foundation is his throne of grace, crowning saints with uncreated light.  The stronghold of glory safely glorifies saints without descending into falls from glory, because God’s reign of the Name never strays from realms of glory even for a moment.   Abiding in realms of peace, parodies dissolve back into paradise through wholesome paradox, restoring peace in the Name.  Awareness of presence secures presence of awareness in the wisdom and glory of the Name, without wavering from Christ’s communion with the Father in the Spirit.  The sphere of Holy Trinity freely reigns in resurrection, ascending into ineffable glory, unobstructed by pride or hardness of heart, which undermine demons and sinners but do not pervert angels or saints abiding in God.  Since awareness is ever-present, the Holy Name saves, revealing uncreated presence awakening and illumining hearts, unveiling the glory of the Father’s grace through the Son, glorious in the dazzling radiance of the Holy Spirit. Countless dimensions of glory spontaneously manifest within the uncreated presence of wisdom, curing all kinds of extremism. There are no limits to the realm of the Name or boundaries confining the reign of grace, releasing proud greed and invasive war, curing degeneration by liberating reified extremes into uncreated glory.