Beloved Wisdom

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Nothing surpasses timeless union with Beloved Wisdom.  Nothing rivals the supreme wonder of uncreated wisdom.  The transmission of wisdom is the mission of patriarchs and prophets, apostles and elders, the consummation and completion of the verbal incompleteness of Scripture in the saints.   Wisdom enlightens those who turn and see, those who, glorifying God, are glorified by God.  Christ chrismates Christians right where they are, anointing them with the Seal of the Spirit.  This is ‘Who Christ Is,’ for He is ‘He Who Is.’   Wisdom loves God’s uncreated glory, that regenerates wisdom, transfiguring saints.  Grace grants union with wisdom that is direct, deifying, Christ-like.  Uncreated light of wisdom awakens uncreated glory through the Name, beyond all conditioned ways and means. The pearl is nothing else than this.  Paradise, heaven on earth, is nothing less than this.  Love of wisdom is fulfilled by this. 

Wisdom is everywhere and pervades everything, turning the light of awareness round, recognising who it is who sees.  Wisdom remembers God by remembering God who sees, transcending yet including what is seen.  It is the Word, not just the words of scripture that reveal this, for the Word utters ineffable words revealing this.  Conditioned minds cling to literal words about the Word, quenching the Spirit with literalism.  Saints cleave to the Spirit beyond the words, embracing their ultimate meaning.  The Spirit’s way of the Name is unconditioned and unconditional.  It communicates God with wisdom.  The merely curious turn away, turning their back on God.  They prefer to dither and hesitate between the thoughts that divide them.  They cling to confusion by thinking about union, preserving sophistry by distancing wisdom. Wisdom cures confusion by revealing communion, healing divisive separation.

The mediations of wisdom are Christ’s hidden mysteries of glory, revealed by his death, overcoming death by death with resurrection.  Baptism opens the door for Chrismation to pass through, enabling Eucharistic union to partake of communion with a kiss of peace.  The Holy of Holies sees and is seen with the eye of wisdom, empowering the heart to turn and see, for wisdom encompasses everything without hesitation.  Wisdom is present within everyone, hidden in uncreated light, yearning to illumine them.  Boundless in scope and subtle in capacity, wisdom bears witness to glory with every breath.  Discerning the body of uncreated light, wisdom is unconfused and undivided, bearing witness with patriarchs and prophets, apostles and elders, inspiring saints to turn and see.  Holy angels and hallowed saints all bear witness to Christ, who glorifies the Father, one in Spirit with the Word in God, bearing witness to the ineffable presence of truth, through the Name.

Feast of Saint Sophrony the Hesychast