Uncreated Light of Glory

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The uncreated light of glory is all-pervasive and ever-present, grounding space and time in boundless wisdom.  Since Einstein, time has often been spoken of as a fourth dimension, although this way of speaking is still contested, in which case the step back into wisdom would be the fifth and glory the sixth dimension, oneness the seventh and ineffable openness the eighth, being the eighth day of Biblical wisdom.  Wisdom and glory are not accessible to science as science, nor is the oneness of completeness or the ineffability that transcends it.  But there are scientists who transcend the limits of science when they turn and see, for there is no intrinsic reason why science should be confused with scientism.  Boundless in its all-pervasive presence, wisdom is uncreated, never ceasing to communicate grace with uncreated glory.  Patriarchs and prophets, apostles and elders all awaken to the uncreated light of glory, revealing the mercy of God to sinners who thereby became saints.  They turn the light of awareness round to behold wisdom embracing glory in all dimensions.

The uncreated light of infinite glory grounds all dimensions, however conceived, opening to the oneness of being in the timeless well-being of God.  The difference between uncreated and created light is not confused by wisdom, for wisdom discerns their indivisible union in the grace of their unconfused communion.  Awareness is lucid when stillness is translucent, gathering heaven and earth into an ineffable embrace.  When space and time are transfigured by grace, they bear witness to the glory that deifies the saints.  Trusting the Word, the Name is revealed, liberating communion from confusion and union from division.  When illumination dawns, everything is illuminated; trust is restored and hope is perfected in love.  Wisdom awakens wonder, empowering wonder to nourish wisdom, opening prophecy to prayer and renewing prayer with prophecy.  It matters little how the different dimensions are described as long as the praxis of theoria is timelessly sudden in its incisive discernment and temporally gradual in its thorough completion of incompleteness.  

The mind of Christ can always be trusted because it never falls into distraction or delusion.  The Holy Spirit penetrates through distraction, to lay hold of the mind of Christ in every situation, extinguishing delusion.  The blind cannot lead the blind because their thoughts are always falling into the ditch of confusion, disintegrating into the dissipation of division.  The uncreated glory revealed when wisdom abides in the mind of Christ, restores insight to the blind, enabling saints to help the blind escape the ditch.  Undivided by confusion, they love their enemies without descending into slovenly sentimentality.   They watch Christ restore likeness to his radiant image with originating purification, never ceasing to abide in the wondrous way of the Name.  Countless dimensions open all at once, when Christ’s death extinguishes death by death and rises into ascending resurrection.  Christ encompasses them all with the Spirit’s luminous clarity, ensuring the renewed validity of Holy Orthodoxy.  It is not subtle sophistry that impresses saints but the dimensionless wisdom that glorifies them when they glorify God.