The Name: Mirror of God

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The Name is the mirror of God, opening the heart to uncreated glory.  The Name is the unveiled face of God, revealing God at centre in the midst.  The Name saves, curing confusion and healing division, opening oblivious blindness to the vision of God.  The Spirit reveals Christ who reveals the Father, awakening sinners to Holy Trinity.  God loves holiness and hallows all who cleave to his Name.  Glorification of the Name imparts holiness to all whom it illumines, tracing light back to its uncreated source. Prophecy abounds in the Spirit of saving truth, grounding prayer in the Name of liberating awakening.  Wisdom interprets glory to saints, ineffably communicating uncreated light.  Grace does not fall when sinners fall from grace, but it is glory that knows this and communicates it in secret.  The Name mirrors God, purifying hearts, enlightening minds in union with illumined hearts, but it is the Spirit who bears witness to the glory of the grace of union, glorifying saints in hallowing communion.

From age to age, holy tradition hands on holy mirroring in the Name, communicating prophetic insight from elders to saints, inspiring prayer of the Spirit in the heart. Realms of glory gather illumined friends into the ineffable embrace of the hallowing Name, establishing companions of wisdom in eschatological glory, turning established regimes of conventional religion inside out and outside in.  it is not that future glory falls away into the distant past but that past and future glory are ever-present in the Name.  NOW is the moment of ever-present truth, revealing the age to come, restoring paradise in the embrace of transfiguring love.  Wisdom mirrors glory in opening hearts, uniting glory to wisdom in ineffable ways. The eye of the heart turns and sees God in the midst, consuming self-centred delusion.  Glory is beautiful and the eye of Spirit loves glorified beauty wherever wisdom turns and sees.

The timeless age of wisdom is glorious and dazzles with its incomparable beauty. Uncreated light amazes those who turn and see, wonder empowering wisdom to behold uncreated glory.  There is a mysterious glory that outshines all stars, all galaxies of stars in the visible heavens, out-dazzling the visible in the invisible, opening visible heavens to God.  This mystery explodes religion in the Name of glory, woos resistance with the Song of Songs, cures sclerosis of the heart with beauty of holiness. Wisdom songs bubble up between dogmatic definitions, revealing untold mysteries with glorification.  The Spirit’s delight is to sing wisdom songs with every breath, renewing prophecy with ecstatic prayer.  This is not the exception but the norm in God’s realm of glory, which is why the Name reveals glorification whenever holiness humbly manifests.  God’s Holy Name mirrors creation in its uncreated glory, regenerating wisdom uniting heaven and earth.  Uncreated glory mirrors uncreated wisdom and wisdom glory in every direction, unveiling invisible dimensions of wisdom and glory everywhere.