Way of Glorification

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The way of glorification is ineffable in at least two ways, the hallowing way of glorification of God and the sanctifying way of glorification by God.  The greater the glorification of God, the greater the glorification by God, which is the ineffable mystery of mutual, doxological reciprocation.  From the beginning, reciprocation reveals the co-inherence of God and humanity, unfathomable in its radical, deifying transcendence. Beyond expedient steps and stages, the way of glorification out-shines all conditioning ways and means.  Instantaneous enlightenment is sheer grace, severing obstructions of all kinds, inspiring hallowing glorification of God, co-inhering with sanctifying glorification by God.  Glory illumines one and all, both as glorification of God and glorification by God.  Sharper than any two-edged sword, glory awakens wisdom and wisdom awakens glory.  Christ primordially imparts divine-human union to reveal deifying communion, sowing the mustard seed that grows into the tree of life, emptying galaxies into black holes that empty into other worlds, opening into ineffable glory.  

The roots of glorification are very deep and the stem of Christ’s vine is very strong, which is why the blind trust elders when they awaken the hearts of saints.  The ditch is still there but nobody inevitably falls into it, because nobody remains at the level of mere convention.  The foundation of glorification is the eye of wisdom, turning awareness round, awakening to the presence of glory.  True insight binds divisive separation and releases delusory confusion into communion, revealing wisdom glorifying God and God sanctifying saints in glory.  Stepping back was always crucial, because it cuts off entanglements binding the blind, releasing obstructions fettering suffering souls.  Purification is essential, as is enlightenment, if glorification is to be decisive for the way of the saving Name.  Conditioning perceptions fixate on images and bind the mind with concepts, whereas wisdom unites earth with heaven in the heaven of heavens, which is the consummation of the Song of Songs in the Holy of Holies.

The hidden potential of glorification is boundless, giving stillness capacity to embrace all otherness within itself.  Integral stillness is perfect freedom, releasing saints from deadening bondage.  The silence of genuine stillness gives solitude great peace, ripening purity in uncreated light, harvesting light in uncreated glory.  Peace releases this world into the glory of God’s coming reign, secretly revealing glory to wisdom, mysteriously unveiling wisdom in glory.  The Spirit leaves no trace of its capacity to cleanse impurity, leaving clear air after angel’s wings have passed.  Hallowing wings do not gossip about what sanctifying wings are doing lest their glorifying function is permanently impaired.  Conditioning releases as grasping ceases, liberating the unconditioned eye of the heart.  Christ transmits the Holy Spirit directly, beyond words and concepts.  Avoidance is voided when self-emptying empties out fixation, revealing ineffable openness.  The heart is the place of grace that abides in ineffable openness, sustaining the holy way of liberating glorification.