Perfect Freedom

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Obedience to the holy will of God is perfect freedom, a child-like trust in God that liberates the mind by centring in the heart, generating purity of heart.  Real genuineness of heart, too, is child-like and trusting, being God-centred in the image and likeness of God.  Obedience listens to God and acts in synergy with God, surrendering to the will of God, acknowledging the reign of God by hallowing God’s Name.  Wisdom cuts through doubts and leaps over obstacles, stilling dissipating thoughts, perfecting freedom in every moment.  Bliss blesses those who turn and see, centring on the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart.  The bottom drops out of every constrictive container as wisdom flows unceasing in the heart, de-conditioning fixations and reconditioning the conditioned mind, freeing awareness to rise with angel’s wings, way beyond what conceptual thought can grasp.  Wisdom releases delusion into uncreated light, consuming confusion and dissolving division.

Perfect freedom lies hidden in the Spirit, waiting on the Spirit for glory to be revealed. Glorification reveals freedom perfected in the Spirit, opening earth to heaven.  Elders wisely veil the inherent perfection of freedom until sinners turn and see.  Uncreated light, when seen, is enlightenment, but when not seen, is delusion, which is why the blind so easily think illumination is delusion.  Indeed, without enlightenment, delusion seems to be self-evident, which explains why sinners who have become saints by grace are given such a hard time.  Every generation repeats its cycles of persecution of saints because of this, not realising that uncreated light holds the key to perfect freedom.  Wisdom turns the light of awareness round into uncreated light, revealing uncreated glory.  Without it, delusion reigns and persecution of saints is inevitable.

Freedom is inexhaustible in its capacity to discern perfection by grace, because ultimately freedom reveals the glory of completeness, perfecting incompleteness. Completeness is infinite in its capacity to communicate grace, unveiling uncreated glory with blessing.  The grace of the Name is easily able to reveal the glory of wisdom, but remains hidden until turning illumines the heart.  Christ says his yoke of grace is no burden for him, because God easily illumines those who turn and see.  That is why metanoia, turning and theoria, seeing, are indeed crucial for Christians, not only contemplatives, and always have been.  Those who neglect them encounter countless difficulties, even depths of despair experienced by demons, the consequence of their denial of God.  Theoria is not, therefore, an optional extra; consequently metanoia is not a nominal addition, because they have always been quintessential keys to the Kingdom of God.  Freedom is truly perfect because it is the infusion of the Spirit’s ineffable freedom, blowing where God wills, communicating wisdom and bestowing glory with infinite generosity.