Uriel and Oriel

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Uriel’s name means the ‘fire of God,’ and Oriel’s name the ‘light of God,’ and both were sometimes called Phanuel, the ‘presence of God,’ because fire and light both reveal the presence of God that guards the gates of paradise.  Uriel manifested Seraphic fire whereas Oriel communicated Cherubic light, both protecting the unveiled face of God’s presence from profanation and satanic deception.  

Uriel revealed the science of angels in the Book of Enoch, enlightening the mind with the fire of wisdom.  The prophet Isaiah saw the Lord enthroned in the Holy of Holies beneath burning six-winged Seraphim, who bore witness to the grace that transformed the prophet into a deified angel.  The prophet Ezekiel saw the Lord enthroned in a chariot in the Holy of Holies above four deified cherubim within wheels within wheels, a vision that was the inspiration for many generations of fiery seers.

In icons, wisdom is seen as an anointed high priest enthroned amidst the angels of heaven, but when Satan parodies wisdom, he is thrown from heaven and burned to ashes.  Cherubim wielded a burning sword of fire protecting the tree of life in the Garden of Eden.  The prophet Daniel saw the Ancient of days enthroned within surrounding angelic wheels before the heavenly host, empowering the Apocalypse to bequeath Christ’s throne vision to Christian seers and saints.

Written as field fires broke out in six fields beside the old pilgrims path into St Davids, calling out thirty fire fighters and four fire engines before being quenched later in the day.  Police closed many roads for a while and ash rained down on us here in St Davids as we were drenched in smoke, ash and steam from burning corn and straw.