Christ or Antichrist

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When Satan channels Christ for his new age, he accuses Christ of being the antichrist to invert Christianity into his regime of domination and control.  He parodies Christ to oppose Christ, accusing Christ of being the antichrist, which is the nihilistic inversion that spawns narcissism, replacing the reign of God with the regime of Satan.  In Satan’s regime of lies, truth is replaced with lies, causing endless confusion and division.  Satan inverts Christianity for a new age of narcissism, empowering antichrist to project antichrist out on everyone but antichrist, replacing paradox with parody.  Satan’s regime of antichrist denies Christ in the name of Christ, perverting the Name so it inflates nihilistic narcissism, reducing Christianity to its relativistic inversions.

It is easy for Lucifer to parade as light by parodying Christ, channelling Satan pretending to be Christ.  Satan loves to work many miracles that deceive many but not quite all, gathering many into a new age of narcissism, relativism and nihilism but not quite all.  Satan persecutes the few who reject him in the name of the many who prefer their own opinions to the Spirit of Truth.  The subtle accuser inverts prophecy by channeling antichrist to invert Christ, reducing prayer to magical persuasion in subtle domains.  Sacred differences are reduced to relativism and apophatic wisdom to nihilism, inverting truth with a plethora of lies and lies about lies.  This is Satan’s new age of narcissism which is delusory, because God’s reign is what it always was and wisdom is currently raising a rising number from the shallows.

Channelled antichrists easily deceive the vast majority, channelling antichrist to deny Christ in the name of Christ, but Christ reveals the Name of God through the Spirit of Truth to save and illumine the few who turn and see.  Narrow is the way of the Spirit of Truth, so few find it.  When they do, they are persecuted by anti-christian antichrists of many sorts, each claiming to be a new channelled ‘Christ,’ working many miracles in the course of their deception.  Lies and lies about lies become normal in the new age of nihilistic narcissism.  The few who turn and see God’s reign of glory in the midst expose the regime of narcissism for what it is, but are attacked from within and from without.  Standing steadfast in the Name, they embrace the paradox of Christ by extinguishing a plethora of parodies, but at great cost, because although many are truly called, few are actually chosen.