God all in all

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Wisdom beholds God ‘all in all’ with the eye of the heart, but in time God is not yet ‘all in all,’ since it is only in uncreated light of timeless glory that completeness of glory is revealed.  Temporal perception is not yet able to behold completeness but time gives time to turn and see wisdom’s vision is timeless glorification, embracing love’s unselfish suffering.  Glory is revealed in the pierced heart, exactly where the wound of love is revealed.  Turning, metanoia, releases compulsive evasion, awakening seeing, theoria, regenerating wisdom with deifying glorification.  Crystallisation of the elixir is spontaneous once the grain falls into the ground and dies.  The body of uncreated light crystallises by participation in the resurrection of Christ, whilst the body of glory manifests by participation in the glorious ascension of Christ, opening to expansive glorification in ineffable openness.  Glory ‘all in all’ is timeless whilst temporal sanctification takes time, uniting the uncreated with the created through the Spirit in the reigning glory of the Lord.   

The jewels of the Bride, the New Jerusalem, are crystallised energy in the twelve openings of the heart, revealing the action of seven flames of the Holy Spirit, but it is suffering that transfigures the heart into a living flame of the Name.  Grace purifies the heart so that glory illuminates it, sustaining glorification through suffering love.  Glory manifests where the pain is, uniting the mind with the heart.  The wound of love opens the heart to love’s boundless embrace, maturing holiness in spiritual suffering, deifying created souls in uncreated glory.  The grace of tears purifies created energy in uncreated glory, liberating the created in deifying glorification.  Suffering authenticates this glorification beyond all reckoning, illumining the heart in the cloud of unknowing, uniting heaven and earth in the Holy of Holies.  

Metanoia turns the light of awareness round at its source, which is the heavenly Father of lights, awakening theoria in the Holy Spirit, revealing Christ in the heart.  The light of Holy Trinity transforms everyday life into a holy sanctuary so that daily work becomes hallowing glorification.  Angels attest to the glory of hidden saints in the flame of the hallowed Name, even if their desert lies concealed on an urban high street.  The body of light soars with wings of light when glory rises to the highest heavens, returning glory to God in the great restoration.  Glory ‘all in all’ is timeless whilst temporal sanctification takes time, uniting the uncreated with the created through the Spirit in Christ, Lord of reigning glory.  Grace reveals God ‘all in all,’ both in time and in timeless glory, revealing heaven on high right here on earth, an earthly heaven now gloriously wedded to a heavenly earth.