Cave of the Heart

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The spirit congeals in the cave of the heart when awareness turns and presence sees, crystallising glory.  Suddenly light dawns and the heart is receptive like a bride. Wisdom acts decisively without striving to grasp anything created or acquire anything conditioned, being radically unconditioned grace.  The way of Name-hallowing is at once active and receptive, unveiling the mysteries of the Song of Songs, avoiding shallow indifference and narrow-minded opinion.  The function of the heart is to be God-centred, curing self-centred extremes, liberating souls from fettered bondage. Wisdom is not for those who seek ways and means to get from where they are to where they are not.  Wisdom abides at centre and releases ways and means when it matures into directness, refining ways and means into more and more subtle turning and more and more profound seeing.  Beginners go from outside in whereas proficients live from inside out.  This is the reversal that is called metanoia, that lives from God at centre rather than from self-centred delusion.

Stillness lives from God at centre in the midst, breathing uncreated light that illumines and glorifies, consuming confusion and division which live from self-centred delusion. Negativity is endless until uncreated light dawns, but dissolves when uncreated glory is revealed.  Wisdom and glory unite in the Holy of Holies, generating uncreated, creative energy, turning the cave of the heart into an uncreated expanse, transcending what can be grasped and possessed.  The body of light is luminous and unburdened, winged and buoyant.  The body of glory is traceless and free, abiding in heaven in the reign of the Name.  Wisdom abides in heaven and dawns on earth, opening humanity to heavenly realms where God reigns in glory in his Kingdom.  Pure attention turns awareness round into the uncreated ground of glory, beloved of wisdom and source of her uncreated creativity.

The cave of the heart is the sacred ‘place’ transcending space and time that sustains stillness, renewing Orthodox Christian Hesychasm from within.  The body is light for the single eye, leaving no trace of me or mine, opening earth to highest heaven.  The heart abides in original openness when wisdom gathers everything into glory.  The cave sanctuary is all heart, all light, all glory in its uncreated energy.  Purification is illumination and illumination is glorification when all three stages are unified as one. Glorification gathers purification and illumination into one, ineffable union. The action of union is no longer reactive, but is the action of the Holy Spirit, revealing communion of the Father with the Son.  Spontaneous attention is pure, luminous and glorious, abiding freely in the cave of the awakened heart, consummating sacred marriage in the Holy of Holies.  Wisdom conjoins with glory when turning is seeing and seeing is turning, revealing undivided glorification in the cave of the heart.