Pure Attention

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Pure attention is intrinsic to pure prayer, which gathers what inattention scatters, awakening spiritual prayer which nurtures wisdom.  Purity of heart is receptive whilst uncreated light is creative, uniting pure attention with the heart, regenerating creation.  The mystery of mysteries is the Name, secret of secrets, at once both Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, manifesting wisdom in the realm of the Name. Hallowing the Name purifies the heart, illumining the mind in the heart, glorifying sinners as they become saints.  Pure attention hatches the uncreated egg of resurrection but not without cracking it open first.  God at centre transcends things but does not destroy them, revealing deconstruction is ultimately constructive, that death is life.  Pure attention abides in the Name as purification, illumination and glorification, all three in one, in the image and likeness of Holy Trinity.

Attention purifies, pure prayer enlightens whilst spiritual prayer deifies saints, three stages in one integral state.  The Name is the centre of centres in which all centres coincide, all stages revealing one integral state and all openings open to one integral opening.  The integral practice, (praxis,) of contemplation, (theoria,) consumes confusion in uncreated fire with the flame of the Name, healing division in the wounds of love that pierce the heart.  Water purifies and fire illumines, glorifying saints in uncreated glory.  Wisdom seals the heart in the Spirit of truth, enlightening the mind with the flame of the Name, completing temporal incompleteness with the glory of completeness.  Pure awareness breathes infinite Spirit into every limb, curing passions with infinite patience, partaking of uncreated light with active intelligence.  Awareness in Christ is light from light, wondrously awakening to God from God, sustaining wisdom with glory, restoring glory with glory.

Pure attention is the elixir of life that reveals the timeless glory of the Name, transmitting wisdom that discerns the undying life that transfigures the way of glory. Wisdom is the state of seeing that transcends discrimination, being neither light nor dark but sudden, dazzling insight.  Pure seeing is not sight or dualistic thought, neither does pure attention intend anything conditioned, revealing unconditioned attention which neither grasps nor repels.  Turning turns the uncreated light of wisdom round so glory sees as it is seen, deifying the senses and the mind in the uncreated, creative wisdom of the heart.  The great reversal establishes the great restoration in realms of glory, but only as long as death overcomes death by death through resurrection.  Grace is never cheap, costing not less than everything.  Pure attention purifies prayer as it enlightens minds and deifies hearts, transfiguring a luminous creation with uncreated glory.