Water of Fire

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The alchemy of the Name dissolves division in the water of fire, clarifying confusion in the fire of water, empowering water to interiorise truth as fire.  The Spirit inspires tongues of fire whilst the body is cleansed in living waters, uniting the baptising waters of Pascha with the chrismating Pentecost of fire.  Water weds fire when wisdom weds glory, uniting body and spirit in uncreated life and deifying energy.  The vital spirit of life conjoins with the flame of vital energy in the cauldron of holy alchemy, transforming the lead of the distracted soul into the gold of the deified saint. Attention rather than deliberation is crucial in this alchemical transformation of energy, although the will is required for synergistic surrender to the holy will of God. The pole star of the soul is wisdom, gathering the encircling stars round God at centre. Awareness is refined in the flame of the Name, purifying the heart, so that energy is co-integrated by the fire of glory.  

The poison of passions is deadly unless condensed into the medicine of holy healing, which is why wisdom’s therapy is crucial in the alchemy of glory.  The wise physician employs uncreated light to purify hearts and uncreated glory to deify them.  The uncreated light of wisdom is primordial, preceding all ages and ages of ages, liberating fixated passions into passionate purity.  Illumination is spontaneous when purification congeals illumination into deification.  The heavens revolve around God at centre, releasing self-centred souls from delusion.  Christ unites with his beloved Bride in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies, opening the Song of Songs to conjugal mysteries of glorification. The alchemy of wisdom is spontaneous in its manifestation of mysteries of glory.  The flame of the hallowed Name is fire but its therapeutic dissolution of division is water, turning the dull lead of confusion into the burning gold of communion.

Dazzling darkness is the coincidence of opposites at the heart of the Name, transmuting lead into gold in every moment.  The heart is pure and luminous when purification manifests as illumination, but it is glorification that holds water and fire in critical tension.  The way of the Name is truth and life when the Spirit of truth lives deification as divine life.  The Spirit opens heaven to earth with every breath, deifying creation with uncreated energy, wisdom wedding glory in the Holy of Holies.   This is the meaning of the Bridal Chamber that unlocks Solomon’s Song of Songs.  Wisdom and glory are poised at centre where all centres coincide, opening all seven heavens and gathering all twelve fruits of the tree of life.  Glory and wisdom unite in their holy marriage, unifying the contrary, opposing energies of creation one by one.  Baptism and Chrismation unite as water and fire, revealing the purifying waters of uncreated light to be the deifying expanse of Pentecostal flame, incubating the elixir that reveals light to be the golden radiance of glory.