Holy Alchemy

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Hallowing the Name transmutes the lead of distraction into the gold of integral recollection in the cauldron of fire and water, where the golden lion and the silvery unicorn are fighting for the crown.  The centre where all centres coincide is everywhere, for it is neither spacial not temporal, but maintains its axial poise always and everywhere.  Distraction de-centres the chuntering mind but God-centred wisdom unites the quiet mind with the heart in stillness, restoring the mind to purity of heart.  Purification unifies created energies round uncreated energy in the heart, illumining the mind in the heart, grounding grace-filled awareness in wisdom and grace-filled energy in glory.  Transmutation of leaden energies into golden deification occurs when wisdom coincides with glory at centre in the midst.  The holy alchemy of sun and moon, lion and unicorn, unify fire and water in the burning waters of uncreated light, which purify and illumine the mind in the heart.  Infinity of golden energy is ineffable glory, just as the stillness of lunar energy is ineffable peace, uniting divine with human energies in Christ.

Name-hallowing becomes holy alchemy when wisdom unites with glory in the Holy of Holies, but not all invocation unites wisdom with glory.  When solitude is silence in the stillness of peace, invocation is either communion or confusion, depending on whether wisdom is arising or vain sophistry.  Stillness is silent but reveals ineffable words of the uncreated Word when the Spirit’s prayer is unceasing, as the Apostle discovered in his vision of the third heaven.  Ordinary signification falls silent when ineffable signs begin to speak, not as ordinary words but as logoi of the eternal Logos, revealing glory beyond the grasp of conceptual thinking.  The pearl of great price reveals wisdom as glory and glory as wisdom, conjoining together as perfect peace.  Afflictions are transfigured by the pearl once the dragon that guards it is overcome.  Many dragons then manifest as servants of the king once the pearl is found, opening heaven to earth.

Holy alchemy is the science of spiritual transformation that was never forgotten by the saints in the desert, where elders transmitted it together with wisdom and glorification.  The dragon is both the wind and thunderous lightening of the Spirit, liberating beginners from negative dualism.  Fire consumes impurity that water purifies, communicating illumination of mind and heart, transcending dualistic negativity to the degree that this is possible.  Thunder releases lightening and torrential rains of grace, once the pearl releases theophanies of glory.   As awareness rises into wisdom and energies transmute into glory, the breath settles down into its ineffable roots.   Wisdom’s single eye turns awareness round, revealing uncreated light, then ineffable glorification, unveiling highest heavens in deepest hell, holy wisdom emptying vacuous hells into glorious heavens, ensuring holy alchemy is remembered in the desert when forgotten almost everywhere else.