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Theosis, deification, is the hidden secret of wisdom, concealed ever since the foundation of the world, waiting to be revealed in glory to those who turn and see. Theosis remains hidden until grace reveals wisdom in glory, unveiling the countenance of God.  The unveiled face reveals the image and likeness of God, transforming sinners into saints, opening heaven to earth in the Holy of Holies.  Theosis is precisely this, revelation of the heavenly meaning of being, disclosing well-being in the light of the timeless being of glory.  Theosis is truly blessed, peaceful and radiant, manifesting the uncreated wisdom of stillness, awakening wisdom to glory in the reign of the Name. Union with God rests in peace, God empowering communion through God in God, theosis in Holy Trinity, wisdom’s secret of secrets and mystery of mysteries, made known through Christ in the Spirit.

Those who confuse themselves with God do not know God, but are lost in hell until the Good Shepherd finds them and gathers them into his fold.  In hell, confusion reigns, denying the Name.  In heaven, wisdom reigns, deifying saints through the Name, gathering lost souls into God’s fold, glorifying God in the reign of his Name.  Inspiring wonder, wisdom dawns in stillness, the Name reveals God, instilling ecstatic amazement as glory ascends, embracing all.  The embrace of wisdom is radically unconditioned, although conventional conditioning imposes its limitations on human capacity to embrace grace.  Uncreated grace does not fall when falls from grace happen, but falls from grace dissolve when grace is revealed.  God is one and there is no other, revealing God beyond all notions of God, unveiling God’s Name in Christ.  The Spirit is one and there is no other, revealing God in Holy Trinity.

Strain and stress strive to attain what in God was never lost, perverting freedom, which is the Spirit’s gift.  Wisdom awakens purity of heart, revealing flawless completeness beyond confusion or division.  Glorification unceasingly restores glory to God, ensuring theosis abides in dynamic peace.  Curiosity fusses about on the surface, missing the mystery that wisdom sees.  Stillness abides in the wisdom of the heart, freely resting in the peace of timeless glory.  Unperturbed and undismayed, wisdom prays without ceasing, whatever arises, welcoming theosis wherever opposing energies coincide.  Christ’s glory conquers the world in the Holy Spirit, hallowing creation in the saving Name, revealing ineffable realms of infinite glory.  Theosis completes metanoia through theoria, perfecting purification through illumination, integrating wisdom and glory in the completeness of unceasing glorification.