Holy Trinity

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The Name is revealed by all three persons of the Holy Trinity, each of whom is the completeness of God in person, revealing the completeness of God in his Name. Mirroring Holy Trinity, the Spirit unveils the Son in the heart of the Father, revealing God in Holy Trinity through the thrice-holy Name, indivisibly communicating God, through God in God, without confusion.  The Spirit unceasingly unveils the ‘face’ of grace through the Son, revealing the glory of grace in the Father, beyond name and form.  Clothed in holiness, the unveiled face of grace is glorious and infinitely merciful, generous and ineffably inexhaustible. Glorification unceasingly purifies and illumines the heart, awakening wisdom in the Name.  All seven hells open as seven heavens through the Name, ascribing all glory to God, dissolving confusion and healing division in the great restoration.  The thrice-holy Name is the holy Name of God, hallowing seers who hallow the Name, bearing witness in the Spirit to uncreated completeness revealed by the ‘Lord’s Prayer.’

Great is the peace of the Holy Trinity, releasing confusion into the wisdom of the ‘single eye,’ healing division with the grace of the Name.  Purity of heart is surrounded by uncreated light in all directions, completing incompleteness in the completeness of uncreated glory.  Grace above imparts glory below, when wisdom trusts the Name to save, revealing the glory of grace.  Holy Trinity is the glory of timeless completeness revealing the power of grace completing temporal incompleteness, holding both time and timeless glory in tension as saints transform.  Trust lives incompleteness in the light of completeness, transfiguring incompleteness into completeness.  Fear remains full of dread but trust hallows the Name of completeness, turning fear into ineffable love and dread into great peace.  Trust finds rest in the fulness of great peace, completing incompleteness in the glory of completeness.

The Spirit anoints sinners with grace, opening the fire of Pentecost anew in every generation, setting the Paschal waters alight with uncreated light.  Baptism and Chrismation in the Holy Spirit renew the Holy Tradition in age after age, embracing glory as a throne and crown of grace.  The throne is a haven of salvation in the thrice-holy Name, imparting eternal life to all who receive it.  The crown illumines seers in the truth of the Spirit but error flees from the Spirit of truth, finding God’s love unbearable.  The deceiver mimics Christ because he is a vacuous narcissist, sucking on the life-blood of God to pervert it.  Wisdom takes the poisons of error and turns them Into remedies of deifying glorification.  Grace does not fall from glory but rejoices in the truth of Christ, partaking freely in God’s life-blood of eternal life.  Holy Trinity crowns those whom grace enthrones, deifying those who glorify God in his thrice-holy Name, restoring glory to God amidst the anguish of incompleteness, revealing timeless completeness at the very heart of anguished incompleteness.