Purity of Heart

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Purity of heart is enlightened by virtue of the purity of God, for there is no conditioned way or external means to enlighten it, because it already is light knowing light through light.  Self-centred effort and self-willed struggle point beyond themselves to the good news of the Gospel of grace.  Glory already is uncreated light, freely given by grace.  The purity of grace does not come and go, but is always readily present in the expansive openness of glory.  When fixations and reifications arise, obstructions appear like mountains, blocking the way, but grace does not stray, even for a moment, from the glory revealed by wisdom.  The limpid purity of the heart is primordially present, wide awake in the timeless presence of glory.  The lucidity of the heart is translucent in its original purity, but it is the uncreated light of wisdom that beholds uncreated glory.  Wisdom sees as she is seen in the unwavering light of glory, but grace is ineffable and the Name of glory transcends what can be said or explained about it. 

Fixations and reifications are perversions of the dynamic energies of deifying awareness, so it is uncreated awareness that resolves them back into purity of heart.  The unwavering presence of uncreated light is ineffably present in the Holy Name, unceasingly saving in its uncreated energy, timelessly omnipresent in its wisdom and glory.  Wisdom’s intent is the enlightenment and glorification of all who are saved by grace.  It is quite wrong to think grace is arbitrary or unwilling to save all.  The enlightened intent of ineffable grace is eternally faithful and sure and undivided in its unconfused purity. Condemnation to hell is the expression of God’s ineffable love, the merciful manifestation of his decisive grace, so the pains of hell are purgatorial, purifying the heart with uncreated flames of fire.  The fires of hell, from God’s side, are uncreated love, but manifest infernally as long as there is stubborn resistance to love.

It is confusion that perceives heaven as hell and division that separates heaven from hell, but grace is unwaveringly glorious in its capacity to save.  To wisdom, confusion is misconstrued communion and division is degenerated difference.  Wisdom in God remains true to God and glory in God unceasingly glorifies God, precisely because the fall from grace never lay in God but arose in creation among angels then humans, who fell away from God.  Wisdom always abides unflinchingly in glorification, which is the dynamism of divine life.  Grace spontaneously frees angels in heaven and humans on earth, timelessly liberating creation.  Abiding in the grace of the Name, saints do not stray from the glory of grace, but sinners do, which was why Christ came to save them.  Purity of heart is the purity of uncreated light, the immaculate purity of God’s uncreated glory, saving sinners and emptying hells.  It is God’s purity that purifies the heart, saving sinners through wisdom and deifying saints in glory.