Realms of Glory

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When glory is aware of itself, it is wisdom and when wisdom is aware of its heavenly realm, it is glory.  The reciprocity of wisdom and glory lies hidden at the heart of the Name, aware and present in each person of the Holy Trinity and therefore: ‘thrice-holy.’ The Name saves by virtue of the wisdom and glory it reveals.  Realms of glory are revealed by wisdom, whose turned awareness and steady vision behold them without wavering.  The pure presence of glory is boundless, just as the penetrating insight of wisdom is unceasing.  Wisdom does not come and go, anymore than glory has a beginning or an end.  Uncreated freedom cannot be induced anymore than wisdom can be deduced or glory seduced by temptation.  The realms of timeless glory are sustained by wisdom, whose timeless vision does not fall from glory.  Angels and saints share in this wisdom, ascribing all glory to God, but when demons seduce sinners to fall away from grace, glory inspires sinners to turn and wisdom to see.  

Realms of uncreated glory stand steadfast in wisdom, all-pervasive in the power of uncreated light, sustaining heaven.  Intrinsic translucence shines in the cave of the illumined heart, spontaneously radiant when the throne of grace crowns wisdom with glory.  The kingdom of God is the reign of wisdom revealed in glory, encompassing all worlds and ages, revealing the ever-present presence of God.  The completeness of wisdom completes incompleteness in glory, revealing uncreated presence beyond the strain and stress of conditioned ways and means.  Pure awareness dissolves into wisdom beholding pure presence as glory, way beyond conditioned ways and means.  Hells fall away from God, but heavenly realms are timeless homes of wisdom rejoicing in heavenly glory, restoring glory to God in uncreated light, sustaining grace with glory.

The Father of glory rejoices with the Holy Spirit in the wisdom of Christ, together imparting wisdom to angels and saints in glory.  All glorification restores glory to the Father through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit, empowering sinners to become saints.  All heavenly realms partake of the glory of God, being condensations of uncreated light.  The cloud of unknowing is known by God to be pure knowledge of God through God, not an expression of vacuous nihilism.  Purity of heart is not something vainglory can be proud of, because it is the purity of glory that precedes the beginning and outlasts the end.  The pure presence of uncreated glory sustains wisdom in timeless, heavenly realms, being incommensurate in the ineffable glory of wise mysteries.  God does not cease to be God when creation happens, but encompasses creation with uncreated glory, revealing wisdom.