Throne and Crown

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Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday afternoon but here on earth throne and crown stand steadfast, singing, ‘God save the King!’ and in heaven, throne and crown are timeless, glorifying not only a mortal queen but also Christ, the immortal king, enthroned and crowned in his invisible Kingdom.  Earth and heaven eternally wed in the Holy of Holies, resurrecting our queen and all who discern the throne of glory and crown of wisdom in the Holy of Holies.  Time stands still as reign gives way to reign, reminding us to give way to the reign of the Name, which is not in time.  Our Queen served as our sovereign for seventy years, but today gave way to King Charles III, who reigns in her stead.  Throne and crown stand steadfast in glory and wisdom, reminding us to turn and see who reigns invisibly above visible kings and queens.  Time stands still as wisdom turns and glory sees as it is seen, bearing witness to the reign and realm of the Name.

Operation London Bridge has been planned for over half a century, waiting for this moment, awaiting the accession of King Charles.  Throne and crown never cease to glorify the King of Kings, renewing illumination in glorification.  Old symbols sustain us as we negotiate the present in the light of the timeless presence of glory.  Confusion arises, but without confusion regarding confusion, just as division arises without division.  Wisdom transmutes confusion in the midst of confusion whilst glory transforms division in the midst of division.  Paradox dissolves parody into wholesome tension, unresolved yet catalytic, embracing extremes without extremism.  Throne and crown retain deep roots, whilst embracing contemporary change with steadfast wisdom.  Post-modern regeneration of modernity has ancient, premodern foundations, sustaining integral wisdom, renewing radical tradition.

The crown of wisdom completes the throne of glory anew today, as reign gives way to reign again.  Seven years old when King George died and Queen Elizabeth acceded to the throne in 1952, and almost eight years old when she was crowned in 1953, once again I sing our national anthem: ‘God save the King.’  Glorification does not date nor wisdom die the death of mortals, but come toward us to meet us in the present, which is the timeless presence of God.  Crown and throne unveil paradise, revealing glory in the heaven of heavens, restoring glory to God in his Holy Name.  What sound like mysterious symbols of another age turn out to be revelations of glory now, awakening to wisdom now, revealing the Great Restoration.  Throne and Crown resound anew in every moment, giving thanks at the end of a very long reign, blessing the beginning of a new reign, never ceasing to bear witness to the timeless reign of the hallowed Name.

Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday afternoon, Thursday September 8th 2022.