Name and Face

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The Name of God unveils the Face of God, opening the eye of the heart to uncreated light, realising the holiness of God in uncreated glory.  Grace forgives by freely giving forgiveness, because as God forgives, a new creation manifests.  Forgiveness is the very heart of the Holy Gospel, revealing the very heart of God.  Forgiveness makes all things new, beginning with glory, as at the beginning, and culminating with glory, as at the end, completing incompleteness with the gift of perfecting completeness.  Grace is ever giving, freely forgiving what falls from grace, undoing falls in the light of glory. Grace is uncreated love, renewing creation in uncreated glory, revealing love to be the being, well-being and timeless well-being of everything.  From age to age, love speaks and sings the Song of the Name, revealing the Face of grace in holiness.  Nothing compares with the Name, with the Face or the glory of love, the glory of ineffable grace in the Name.

As a suckling child gazes into the face of its mother as it feeds, so the heart suckles the  maternal glory of wisdom, abiding in the grace of the Name.  The eye of Spirit rests in the suckling gaze, discerning the love in which prophecy and prayer are imparted.   Prophecy transmits wisdom whilst prayer assimilates wisdom as gaze, kiss and embrace, living from the Spirit’s prophecy and prayer.  Prophets of prayer are born from the conjugal union of wisdom and glory in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies, sustaining love through the Song of Songs, answering love with love.  Grace is merciful, so never fails to show mercy to all who seek forgiveness through the Name. This is the meaning of the Jesus Prayer, praying for mercy, trusting grace to save. This is the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer, praying for forgiveness as forgiveness reciprocates forgiveness with forgiveness.

The beauty of holiness springs forth from the Name, revealing the Face of God, unveiling love, revealing the glory of grace.  Holiness is beautiful and loves the beauty of holiness, pure, illumining, deifying.  The Name reveals uncreated translucence with purification, uncreated light with illumination, unveiling uncreated grace with glorification.  The Name transmits immortality, whereas God’s Face strips off mortality, overcoming death by death with infinite generosity.  The Face of glory is wondrous beauty, transcending the visible beauty of human faces, outshining the invisible beauty of angels, for no beauty can compare with deifying beauty.  The Name crowns what God’s throne deifies, vindicating glory, shedding vanity, redeeming fallen glory.  The holiness of God hallows fallen worlds, liberating glory, extinguishing vanity, restoring access to the Face of God through the embrace of the Name of grace.  Glory to God!