Grace and Glory

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Grace glorifies those who glorify God in his Name, crowning seers enthroned in Christ, whose glory deifies them.  Graced crowning vindicates all who trust God in his Name, opening the mysteries of the throne of grace.  Vanity is consumed by glory when wisdom unveils the uncreated Face of God, redeeming saints from vainglory and pride. Grace reveals great mysteries of glory through the Name, amazing all whose hearts are purified by uncreated light, filling them with awe-struck wonder.  The way of the Name reveals the truth of the Gospel to all who turn and see God present in the midst, enlightening the heart with the grace of glorification.  Frozen hearts melt when hardness of heart breaks open into glorification, deifying creation with uncreated grace.  Glory is the child of grace in the power of the Name, hallowing everything in the reign of God-centred co-inherence.

Earthly kings are, among other things, icons of these hidden mysteries, embodying the mysteries of glory even in a very secular age, reminding seekers of the remembrance of God.  Recollection retraces visible light back into its uncreated source, causing the remembrance of God to become widely loved and known.  Freed from the chains of hell, grace opens heavens of glory beyond all expectation, hallowing hearts in uncreated light of glory.  The Name opens all the gates of hell into uncreated glory, one after the other in time and all at once in timeless wisdom and God-centred glory.  Hells transfigure into heavens as the Name unlocks gate after gate, gradually revealing the ineffable completeness of timeless glory.  Completeness completes temporal incompleteness through the Name, hallowing incompleteness in the holy completeness of glory.

Grace contains completeness from the very beginning, by virtue of its intrinsic, empowering capacity, but unfolds in time in accordance with our capacity to assimilate it.  Time is an infinite mercy that gives us time to grow into the completeness of grace, which is God-centred glory.  Glory resurrects death, dying to death again and again, opening hells to heavens of love’s glory.  Realms of glory cannot be destroyed, because they are God’s presence revealed by God in his divine activity, which is boundless love.  Lack dissolves as love’s completeness is revealed, as light unveils uncreated glory in the power of the Name.  Love’s glory reveals the mysteries of grace emptied of vanity, revealing fullness fulfilling lack with gentle kindness.  God does not force his way on us but lovingly woos us with his ineffable grace and infinite mercy.  Wisdom reveals the completeness of grace, completing incompleteness in the completeness of love’s glory infinitely transcending us.