Legacy of Wisdom

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The legacy of wisdom is the discernment of glory, the vision of glory in the age to come, baptising seers into Christ’s reign of glory, chrismating saints into the uncreated light of the Holy Spirit’s vision of God’s reigning glory.  The legacy of glory is wisdom, awakening hearts to purifying illumination. welcoming saints into the eucharistic feast of the Kingdom, into the union that is the invisible communion of saints.  The legacy of wisdom is Christ’s legacy of glory, glorifying the Father in the Son, glorifying saints in Holy Trinity.  Without discernment, the grace of the Gospel is passed by without recognition, without remembrance, without co-operative synergy.  Consequently, the legacy of wisdom is not an optional extra but an integral dimension of the reign of grace, an integral part of deifying participation in the glory of the Gospel.

Wisdom belongs, therefore, to the abiding legacy of apostles and prophets that saints bequeath as their legacy of living, sacred tradition, including Scripture, together with the capacity to interpret Scripture doxologically, as glorification.  Holy Orthodoxy does not separate Scripture from tradition because it does not divide the Word from the Spirit of God, but sees as it believes and believes as it sees.  Wisdom is the legacy of metanoia, turning, and theoria, seeing, handing on the vision of glory from generation to generation.  Christ is the indispensable mediator in his saints, who never claim to usurp his mediating function, but bear witness to Christ’s chrismating Chrism in the Holy Spirit.  The legacy of wisdom in Christ is decisive and direct, being the ineffable, uncreated activity of the Holy Spirit, upstream from words and concepts.

The legacy of the Holy Spirit is, therefore, uncreated wisdom, discerning the glory of God’s reign of the Name, imparting glory.  Uncreated wisdom is never confused with worldly sophistry, or sophisticated philosophies and theologies that come and go like flotsam on time’s ever-changing river.  Seers may sometimes use words and concepts to express wisdom’s vision of glory, but are never tempted to confuse their created words and concepts with the uncreated words of the Logos.  The witness of the Holy Spirit is unceasing, even though human synergy is uneven, lost and found again like a single lost sheep.  The flock of ninety-nine angels and saints knows its shepherd, whose wisdom shepherds them from crisis to crisis, sustaining shepherds of wisdom in age after age.  The legacy of wisdom is the legacy of wisdom shepherding, glorification opening whilst still guarding the gate into the reign of the hallowing Name.