Dynamic Glory

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A dynamic throne of uncreated glory soars over confusion and division, ever-moving like a merkabah chariot, revealing the dynamic energy of glory.  The saving Name is also dynamic, well able to secure wisdom amidst the raging powers of worldliness. Stillness rests in peace through the power of the Name, secured by the Spirit of Truth. Error dissolves into truth when dynamic glory rides high above the highest heavens, putting right what went wrong when satanic confusion ruled and division reigned. Error deceives by imitating truth with subtle parodies, corrupting glory with self-centred vanity.  Vainglory puffs up pride, producing a perverted dynamism of corruption, whereas dynamic glory cures vain-glory of vanity, uniting the Bride with her Beloved.  

Corruption stumbles and falls, only to discover lies, by inverting truth, cannot help but paradoxically bear witness to truth.  Wisdom remains well-grounded in the timeless foundations of glory, even when satanic dynamism perversely perverts glory.  The dynamism of glory restores perverted parodies to uncorrupted originality, enlightening dark obsessions with uncreated light.  Dynamic glory dances with wisdom over chasms of cavernous chaos, holding steady amidst demonic temptations.  The Name bridges ancient fissures without wavering, giving named seers safe passage over torrential rivers of temptation.  Christ anoints his own with the Holy Spirit, preserving them in deifying glory.

Dynamic glory praises the Holy Name, imparting the timeless life of glorification. Reception of this grace is the gracious gift of wisdom, stunning the human receptacle with wonder.  Hearts are created in the image and likeness of God, recognising hidden wisdom wherever insight encounters grace, discerning glory unpolluted by vanity. Christ crucified imparts grace to the children of God by grace, sharing the light of union with saints, his glorious inheritance.  Dynamic glory shares divine love with all, though not all are ready to welcome love, preferring, for a time, to harden their hearts to its kindly embrace.  The unveiled face of uncreated grace raises the dead, delivering hardened hearts from infernal gloom.  Wisdom reveals dynamic glory to enlightened minds, uniting them with illumined hearts, crowning enthroned saints with deifying glory.