Dove’s Wings

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Dove’s wings encircle the heart with grace, hallowing saints with the Holy Spirit.  The heart is renewed from within with the joy of the Name, conjoining awareness and presence, wisdom and glory.  The Spirit of truth embraces with a kiss of peace, revealing wisdom’s gaze of undying life.  Dove’s wings hover over awakened hearts, communicating the loving kindness of the Paraclete, imparting wisdom to seers with glory to saints through the Holy Name.  Hells open to highest heaven as invocation of the Name reveals remembrance of God, dispelling perverted depravation.  The sceptre of right-glorification holds steady with the orb of uncreated light as grace crowns saints enthroned in glory.  The fountain of glory sparkles in the midst of the garden, enclosing paradise, restoring glory to God, consecrating glorified saints, through the Spirit, in the glorious reign of God.

Doves symbolise winged glory to hearts enlightened with uncreated light, invisible to blind powers but gloriously infused with uncreated energy, unrecognised by blind hearts yet remembered in hidden holiness.  Doves are very ancient symbols of angelic presence, enclosed yet revealed, hidden but manifest, symbols of the Name speaking ineffably of uncreated wisdom, unveiling infinite glory.  Chasms of darkness are dispelled by glory, expressed through symbols revealing grace with inexpressible joy. Holy prophecy utters the ineffable words of the uncreated Word as prayer listens to the wisdom of the saving Name, blessing hallowed seers with the Word of truth.  ‘Turn and see, O hearers of the hallowing Name, come forth from vain corruption!’  With the support of these symbols, holy souls see and hear bright mysteries of deep turning, welcoming God’s radiant reign of glory by hallowing the Name.

Dove’s wings symbolise grace upholding holy souls above cavernous depths of despair, restoring the serenity of trust in God.  The cloud of unknowing was always a cloud of ineffable peace, guarding holy souls from despair.  Peace knows no confusion in the Name above all names, knowing no division in the heaven above all heavens.  Ascent in Christ is impossible without resurrection, raising saints in him with ascending symbols, singing: ‘Hallelu Yah!’  As above, so below, the Name of God reveals God through God, as in heaven, so on earth, sustaining glorification in Holy Trinity.  The Spirit inspires doves of peace to hallow all who glorify God’s Name, unveiling the ineffable face of glory.  The mind of Christ already knows the heart of the Father, restoring wisdom through the Name.  Dove’s wings hover over the Spirit’s unceasing prayer for all, invoking God’s saving grace for all, embracing all in Christ’s inviolable peace, guarding all who rest in the peace of ineffable glory.