Love’s timeless well-being

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Love’s well-being is timeless as wisdom, beholding the good, sees all shall be well when timeless glory reveals the completeness of being, well-being and timeless well-being. Mother Julian of Norwich was shown the timeless wisdom of Christ in the prophets, apostles, martyrs and saints when she beheld Christ crucified and resurrected in the power of the Name (Showing of Love Ch.32).  Love was always the Lord’s meaning, even before the beginning and after the end, grounding prayer in love and love in prayer. Love’s timeless well-being prays for all to be saved, praying without ceasing for timeless well-being.  Beyond sense-perception and conceptual understanding, unceasing prayer for well-being is timeless in love’s uncreated ground, forever trustworthy in love’s uncreated goodness and loving kindness.  God’s will is done when the Name is hallowed and God’s kingdom comes, as in the Jesus Prayer and Lord’s Prayer.  Union with God is love’s gift of grace, trusting mercy to deliver lost souls in their distress, praying without ceasing for all to be saved.

Love trusts the prayer for mercy which is the Jesus prayer, knowing that without woe, pride would take grace for granted, proof of personal worth rather than the gratuitous grace of God.  Timeless well-being paradoxically includes times of loss to reveal what grace really is, endless love unveiling love, awakening thanks and praise in response to love’s glorious blessing.  God never wavers in his love for humankind, but wisdom stands steadfast in the timeless glory of grace, revealing love standing steady in age after age, waiting to be loved and known.  Nothing can separate God from love or from the wisdom that discerns love’s glory, because nothing created can sever the Father from the Son, or divide the Spirit from God.  Demonic division has no ground in God, so cannot confuse those united with God, unless delusion intervene and demonic confusion descend.  Since love is the meaning of being, well-being is sure and can be trusted in its timeless glory.

The Jesus Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer both reveal love to be the meaning of being and timeless ground of well-being, revealing hell to be love’s purifying flame, restoring hell to heaven.  Love’s well-being is timeless becoming, God’s flowing river of uncreated grace.  Love grounds the unceasing prayer of the Spirit who prays without wavering in the ground of being, making all things well.  Sin points beyond itself to the grace that saves and the love that heals, completing love’s gracious completeness.  Peace reigns where love reigns, revealing the beauty of holiness.  Wisdom beholds God’s meaning was always love, redeeming all ages and times.  The eye of wisdom is the eye of timeless love, communicating the enduring communion of love, revealing the glory of love’s unfathomable completeness.  Timeless well-being flows from love, sustaining endless kindness in deepest hell, opening love to increasing love in the Holy of Holies, enlightening heavenly realms.