Older than Memory

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Older than memory, turning turns and seeing sees, beginning anew, making all things new.  Older than prehistory, wisdom turns to return into glory as before the beginning and after the end.  Older than creation, uncreated vision beholds glory restoring glory to glory before all falls from glory.  Older than time, time is timeless in its revelation of timeless glory, outlasting time with its comprehensive completeness.  The oldest presence waits for the youngest awareness to meet and coincide, conjoining the beginning and the end, at once first and last, alpha and omega, mystery of the saving Name.  Christ came to impart the saving Name, welcoming lost souls back into his Father’s Kingdom, gladly sharing the Holy Spirit with broken hearts.  His coming completes the wisdom of completeness in timeless glory, resplendent in its unimaginable clarity, radiant in its translucent remembrance.

Older than age, wisdom is younger than the youngest babe in its fresh immediacy, its wondrous clarity, its unsullied presence.  Awakening happens spontaneously when presence wakes, when awareness turns and sees from whence it comes.  Stillness quietens distraction by being present to presence, aware of awareness, gathered instead of scattered, abiding at centre in the midst.  Warmth of love hatches the egg of living presence by being present to presence, embracing presence with encircling presence from within.  Wisdom listens as she sees, seeing as she listens, hatching recognition from cognition, remembering lost members with remembrance.  Oblivion drowses in the shadows whereas wisdom awakens uncreated light to uncreated glory, opening wisdom to dazzling glory.  Older than distraction, younger than dissipation, attention centres down into the heart, opening the eye of wisdom, enlightening hearts with light of glory.  

Wisdom never forces anything, never calculates or imposes control, always releasing the will to power into the timeless power of glory.  What is turning?  What is seeing? How can turning awaken seeing in the cave of the heart?  Seers love wisdom, transfiguring sages with uncreated glory.  Wisdom cures oblivion with purification of the heart, hallowing the Name in uncreated light.  Stillness gently wakens awareness to wisdom, releasing light into expanding glory.  Love seeks the salvation of all, but respects love’s incapacity to embrace all until the flower opens and the bird sings. Realms of light release into realms of glory quite naturally, spontaneously, without coercion, opening from spring to summer.  Remembrance of God is far older than the hills and does not age, endlessly renewing creation with uncreated energy.