Noetic Vision

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Noetic vision turns and sees God at centre in the midst, awakening to wisdom’s vision of God in glory in the cave of the heart.  Self-centred perception usurps God, confusing the ego with God, dividing self from God, obscuring union in the fire of worldly passions.  Noetic vision is uncreated fire, consuming confusion and healing division, freeing awareness from dissipating passions.  Waters of uncreated light baptise the heart, purify the mind in the heart, anointing the heart with holy Chrism.  Wisdom turns awareness round to conjoin with the uncreated energies of God at centre, transforming self-centred egoism into God-centred wisdom, curing vain-glory and pride.  Noetic vision illumines the noetic body of light, congealing the noetic body of glory by cleaving to the Name, restoring glory to God.  Turning the light of awareness around refines the body of light into a body of glory, rupturing self-centred egoism.  Wisdom is wholesome, centring on God in the midst, making wholesome peace where egoism waged belligerent war. 

Wisdom nurtures and nourishes noetic vision, restoring the creativity of uncreated insight to broken hearts, igniting illumination, consummating glorification.  Wisdom concentrates God-centred remembrance of God in Holy Trinity, curing self-centred egoism.  The uncreated mind of Christ frees dense opacity to rise with Christ into ascended glory, sustaining glorification.  Deification completes the holy work of glorification, returning through illumination to translucent glorification,   Prophecy turns the light of awareness round, uncovering unceasing prayer of the heart, revealing God at centre in the midst.  The energy of prophecy is uncreated, igniting uncreated prayer of the heart, restoring the uncreated flame of the Name which enlightens unceasing prayer.  The practice of turning, metanoia, sustains noetic vision, theoria, restoring creation to uncreated glory.  Self-centred individualists see only individualistic phenomena, whereas wisdom beholds Christ in glory, restoring glory to God.

Noetic vision is ignored in an age of materialistic egoism, cancelled by relativism, misconstrued by nihilism.  Uncreated light is neither ‘in’ nor ‘out’, because for God everything arises from within and returns into God.   When noetic turning ‘turns,’ everything is turned, but this is recognised only by God, through God, not by those who  usurp God.  Wise stillness sees as it is seen, knows as it is known, putting stop to egoism, dissolving fixation, liberating the Spirit of freedom.  Wisdom concentrates on noetic insight into glory, maturing illumination with mature glorification.   God’s peace alone knows how to pacify the troubled mind, but its profundity is ineffable, outshining the grasping mind.  Single-minded awareness cures the divided, double mind, healing distracted oblivion.  The Spirit of wisdom is attuned to the Holy Spirit’s breath of unceasing prayer, hallowing the Name of Grace, praying all shall be saved, sustaining noetic vision with every breath.